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Garmin is a massively successful multinational technology company. The brand develops a large range of products in a number of fields. Garmin is involved with the aviation, marine, automotive, fitness and outdoor industries. Committed to innovation a
The MARQ collection is comprised of smart, high performance tool watches, aimed at those who aspire to the lifestyles Garmin have redefined with innovation in the last decade. The collection is now comprised of the Athlete, Captain, Commander, Adven
The MARQ Commander can only be described as one thing – exceptional. It’s part of Garmin’s revolutionary MARQ Collection, which was launched in 2019. MARQ is a line of smart high-performance tool watches created for the daring and the bold.
Today, Garmin have announced the release of a special commemorative watch that has been created alongside the world-renowned American Magic sailing team. This new model is part of the MARQ range, a collection of elite tool watches that was first intr
Garmin MARQ Banner

Garmin MARQ Watches

Authorised retailer for Garmin MARQ Watches. Authentic in every detail, the MARQ Collection integrates revolutionary technology with superior design materials. Each watch is uniquely crafted to be an expression of the owner’s personality, interests and ambitions. The MARQ watch is available in 6 unique variations, all catering to different lifestyles.

Garmin are a technology company who have been especially well known for their development of GPS technology. Garmin wearables have been available since the beginning of the last decade with an especially large collection being developed for running and cycling. These devices have become especially popular as they link Garmin's GPS technology with fitness tracking technology.

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