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The First Ever Women’s Junghans Meister Automatic – A Sparkling masterpiece for precious moments Strolling along the Boulevard La Croisette in Cannes, savouring a concert in the opera or enjoying an autumn sunset in New York’s Cent
Always Ticking More Precise   The new Junghans Meister MEGA is a masterpiece of style and precision. Brand new from Junghans; the Meister MEGA, a watch created by the Junghans design team in Schramberg. Featuring an intelligent radio-control
Always Ticking More Stylish   The new JUNGHANS max bill MEGA – simplicity can be so precise. Brand new from Junghans; the Max Bill MEGA, a world’s first. A German made timepiece that perfectly embodies precision and accuracy both in


The Junghans watch brand was born in Schramberg in the year 1861, Schramberg is a small town in the Rottweil district of Germany and is widely known for its black forest.

Junghans have been designing and manufacturing timepieces from their factory in Schramberg for over 150 years, the incredible building is where Junghans ideas become reality.

What began in 1861 in Schramberg, Germany, as the Junghans watch factory opened its doors quickly developed into one of the most compelling success stories in the history of the German watch industry. The demands placed on a timepiece may have evolved since then, but the Junghans philosophy has remained unchanged. Still today, an innovative spirit and the incessant pursuit of precision are the key beliefs that drive all those who work at Junghans.

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