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Garmin Launches MARQ Generation 2

Garmin Launches MARQ Generation 2

Today, Garmin launches MARQ Generation 2. The extreme success of the original series has led the brand to remaster and redesign its watches and introduce a second generation to fans. The MARQ 2 became a hugely desirable item due to the incredibly specialist features of each of the models. Garmin precisely designed each model to make each one an absolute must-have item for sailors, athletes, pilots and more.

The new generation of the MARQ watch continues the philosophies of the original models. However, the new collection has been built with modern watchmaking knowledge and technologies. The new collection encourages its wearers to never settle, and always aim for the best. This ideology is instilled into each of the timepieces to ensure that every model is a high-performance and stylish companion. If you are excited about the Garmin drop of the MARQ Generation 2, keep reading for more information about these amazing timepieces.

MARQ Generation 2

Garmin launches MARQ Generation 2 watches, and they are modern tool watches like no other. They are built to last. Each design combines the best materials with technological brilliance. This creates a timepiece that will become an irreplaceable companion for its wearer. One of the most notable changes that have been made to the designs of the MARQ watches is that each model now has a case made from grade 5 titanium. This means that each of the five new watches is incredibly lightweight and durable, making them well-suited to their purpose. Button guards have been added to the case of each watch, ensuring that the buttons are not knocked or damaged.

The display of the watches has also been upgraded. Each model now exhibits an AMOLED display with touchscreen functionality, making the display easier to see and navigate. The watches also have a better battery life than ever before. It now offers up to 16 days in smartwatch mode and 42 hours in GPS mode. Additionally, each of the five watches is equipped with a jet lag advisor. It will advise the wearer on light exposure, sleep schedule and exercise to minimise the negative effects of jetlag. The watches are also equipped with several smartwatch features, including Garmin Pay and notifications. This makes them a useful everyday accessory as well as a premium tool watch.

Garmin Launches MARQ Generation 2

MARQ 2 Golfer 010-02648-21

The MARQ 2 Golfer is precisely designed to become the perfect companion for an avid golfer, whether they be a professional or an amateur. This watch is equipped with 42,000 preloaded gold courses alongside the most advanced game-tracking data ever. The new feature of the Virtual Caddie will inform the wearer of what to hit and where to aim, helping to improve the wearer’s game. This model features a green ceramic inlay bezel that is detailed with a hole indicator, proving that every element of this watch has been perfectly designed for golf. The watch is secured on the wrist using an intricate jacquard nylon QuickFit strap. The specific golf features of this model include Hazard View, Wind Data and PinPointer. These will work together to advise the wearer on how best to play their round. AutoShot and Approach Ct10 sensors will provide detailed data.

MARQ 2 Adventurer 010-02648-31

The Adventurer watch features preloaded TopoActive mapping with NextFork and ClimbPro features. Combined, these features will provide guidance to the wearer on their route and upcoming obstacles. They will also aid with real-time ascent data so that the wearer can prepare for any bodily changes they may encounter. This will be enhanced by the PulseOx sensor which can measure blood oxygen levels at any time.

The built-in ABC sensors will enable the watch to provide incredibly detailed data about the wearer’s movement and position. Additionally, TracBack routing means that the wearer can never get lost as the technology will guide them back to their starting point. The bezel of this model exhibits a two-tone design with an etched compass detail to further the Adventurer theme of the timepiece. This model is completed with a leather and FKM rubber hybrid strap which is more sweat and stain resistant than any strap that Garmin has released before.

Garmin Launches MARQ Generation 2

MARQ 2 Captain 010-02648-11

The Captain watch exhibits an undeniably nautical design. The aesthetic of this watch makes it the perfect choice for anyone who loves to spend their time on the seas. The dual colour nautical design and intricated striped jacquard weave nylon strap further this feel. Garmin has referred to this timepiece as a revolutionary regatta timer that is enhanced with GPS, making it a must-have companion for any sailor. The watch is built with many GPS sailing features including speed, distance, heading, virtual starting line, tack assist and man overboard functions. It is a very impressive technological feat that all of these features have been built into a small wearable accessory.

The watch can provide detailed navigation information using preloaded TopoActive maps. It is also compatible with BlueChart and LakeVu marine mapping for extra detail. This model can be connected with Garmin chart plotters to stream data such as speed, wind and depth. The timepiece can also be paired with inReach satellite communication for two-way communication and SOS functionality.

MARQ 2 Athlete 010-02648-41

This MARQ watch has been built for the sportsman. It specialises in training to prepare its wearer for any upcoming physical challenges that they face. The watch has a wide variety of built-in sports apps, ensuring that there is something for every kind of athlete. This model is equipped with performance metrics alongside endurance and stamina training. For the runner, TopoActive maps and NextFork will provide information about the trail that they are travelling along. This model is built with a DLC bezel which is detailed with VO2 max and recovery time markings. It is secured on the wrist using a high-performance rubber QuickFit strap that will be comfortable to wear during extensive training sessions. The cutting-edge performance and training features are combined with advanced running and cycling dynamics to provide the most detailed statistics yet.

Garmin Launches MARQ Generation 2

MARQ 2 Aviator 010-02648-01

This watch has been precisely engineered for those with a passion for all things flight. It is equipped with a worldwide aeronautical database and a direct-to-emergency navigation guide. Specialist NEXRAD weather radar and Garmin avionics integration ensure that the wearer has all of the vital information that they could need before they begin their flight.

To further the pilot’s watch aesthetic of this premium tool watch, there are 24-hour GMT markings on the bezel and the watch face shows detailed jet lag guidance. This will mean that the wearer will receive information about their jetlag recovery with a mere glance. Furthermore, a brushed titanium bracelet means that this timepiece can be styled for any occasion. The fully functional aviation navigation system works alongside dynamic moving maps, GPS, weather displays and airport information to enable a flight to run as smoothly as possible. This watch can also be paired with the Garmin Pilot smart device app in order to receive more information.

What are your thoughts on today’s news that Garmin launches MARQ Generation 2? Which of the five new models has caught your eye? Let us know in the comments!

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