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The Only Garmin Gift Guide You’ll Ever Need

The Only Garmin Gift Guide You'll Ever Need

Garmin watches make a brilliant gift every Christmas. The brand seamlessly combines smartwatch and activity watch features to create an impressive range of functional and stylish timepieces. Garmin’s collection consists of a number of families of watches. Each of these families has its own unique set of features. This makes them suited to different types of people. There truly is a Garmin for everyone, and this seasonal gift guide will help you to find the perfect model for your loved one this year. If you are looking to give a Garmin this festive season, keep reading for the only Garmin gift guide you’ll ever need.


The Only Garmin Gift Guide You'll Ever Need

The MARQ 2 is the latest addition to Garmin’s iconic MARQ collection. The range was launched in the Autumn, just in time for the only Garmin gift guide you’ll ever need. The MARQ 2 family consists of five luxury modern tool watches. Each one has been designed to serve a unique purpose. The collection consists of models with the names of Athlete, Adventurer, Golfer, Captain and Aviator. The design, dial and functions of each model are specially curated to serve the specific needs of its wearer. These watches are trusted companions for all kinds of pursuits in athletic performance, built with Grade-5 titanium and an AMOLED touchscreen display.

Garmin MARQ Athlete Gen 2 Premium Tool Watch 010-02648-41

This MARQ 2 model is the Athlete variant. It comes with a wide variety of built-in sports apps. This is in addition to the capacity to provide performance metrics, endurance and stamina training. The timepiece also has TopoActive maps with NextFork to see what is coming up on a run or hike. This model can track endurance and stamina amongst many other things. This provides the wearer with a detailed picture of their performance, health and well-being. The physical features of the timepiece have been specifically designed to include a DLC bezel detailed with V02 max and recovery time markings. A titanium case and bezel ensure that this timepiece is both lightweight and durable, making it the perfect accessory for any athlete. The watch is finished with a black silicone strap.


The Only Garmin Gift Guide You'll Ever Need

The Epix 2 is a premium multisport watch that perfectly bridges the gap between smartwatches and sports watches. Each model is built with a vibrant AMOLED touchscreen display, making the watch a pleasure to interact with. A sapphire lens and titanium bezel ensure that the Epix 2 is robust, durable and able to withstand adverse conditions. 24/7 health and wellness monitoring combined with built-in sports apps provide a capable accessory. The Epix 2 is sure to become a trusted companion in both sports and day-to-day living.

Garmin Epix Gen 2 Sapphire | Carrera White Titanium | White Silicone Strap 010-02582-21

The unique colour palette of this Epix 2 watch is sure to make it stand out on the wrist. This model is designed in shades of silver, luminous green and white. This watch is precisely designed for those who like to balance their activity with their lifestyle. The stunning 1.3″ always-on AMOLED touchscreen display makes this watch incredibly easy to use. This makes it more accessible to newcomers to the world of smartwatches and sports watches. The display shows colours with great vividity, ensuring that the functions are easy to use and read. The display is framed by a titanium bezel that is both lightweight and robust. The lens is created using sapphire crystal, providing a good level of scratch resistance. Secured on the wrist using a white silicone band, this watch is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.


The Only Garmin Gift Guide You'll Ever Need

Fenix is Garmin’s flagship collection. This family of watches is the ultimate example of a functional and practical sports watch. Favoured by sportspeople all over the world, the Fenix 7 is the latest addition to this iconic lineup. Launched in January this year, this watch would make a brilliant Christmas gift for someone looking to upgrade their sporting equipment. The Fenix 7 is best described as a solar-enhanced multisport GPS smartwatch. Its reliable 5-button interface works in collaboration with the all-new touchscreen, making this model easier to use than ever before. Solar charging capabilities extend the battery life. This allows the wearer to continue on their adventure without having to worry about their timepiece. The rugged reliability and premium materials of this collection make it the optimal choice for any sportsperson.

Garmin Fenix 7 Sapphire Solar | Titanium | Chesnut Leather Strap 010-02540-31

Combining titanium and brown leather, this Fenix 7 model exudes pure style. The timepiece adds a touch of traditional horological fashion to any workout or activity with its design. The power sapphire touchscreen lens is framed by a lightweight and corrosion-resistant titanium bezel. The darker silver tone of the metal provides a distinctly modern edge. This model is completed with a chestnut brown leather strap, equipped with Garmin’s QuickFit mechanism. This means that the strap can be changed for any other QuickFit strap quickly and efficiently. The watch can track health and wellness statistics as well as provide workout and rest recommendations. Garmin has filled this timepiece with almost every technology it has to offer to create the optimal sports watch.


The Only Garmin Gift Guide You'll Ever Need

The Venu 2 is the first ever Garmin watch to have microphone capabilities. The watch is able to host telephone calls and send text messages. It can also be connected to a smartphone’s voice assistant. These incredible new features make the Venu 2 the perfect option for someone who is always on the move. It combines sports features with traditional smartwatch features to become a great timepiece for the office and the hiking trail. The Venu 2 is referred to as a health and fitness GPS smartwatch and is capable of tracking fitness and well-being. Its bright AMOLED display ensures it stands out on the wrist.

Garmin Venu 2 Plus | 43mm Slate Stainless Steel Bezel | Slate Case | Brown Leather Strap + Silicone Strap 010-02496-15

The dark colour palette of this Venu 2 model will allow it to be worn for a huge range of occasions. It is built using durable and premium materials including a stainless steel bezel and Corning Gorilla glass. The case of this watch is black, allowing the vibrant AMOLED display at its centre to hold all of the focus. This model is provided with two straps, furthering the watch’s versatility. One strap is brown leather and more suited to everyday wear. The second is black silicone and will be the perfect choice for making the most of the watch’s water resistance. With more than 1,400 exercises to build your own workouts and built-in sports apps, this model is a brilliant companion on any health and fitness journey.


The Only Garmin Gift Guide You'll Ever Need

The Garmin Lily is the brand’s smallest smartwatch. The design of this collection primarily focuses on style but does not comprise functionality. Each of the models in this family has a unique patterned dial that is framed by a dainty 34mm case. This smaller size allows the watch to fit perfectly on a women’s wrist. Each Lily watch is equipped with many modern conveniences such as health and wellness monitoring and smart notifications. These features keep the wearer in touch with their own body and their contacts. This fashionable smartwatch for women is heavily inspired by jewellery and is made to be worn as a stylish accessory.

Garmin Lily Classic Edition | Dark Bronze Bezel | Paloma Case | Italian Leather Strap 010-02384-B0

This model exhibits an elegant dark bronze colour palette that makes it a versatile and stylish accessory. However, this watch is more than just appearances. Equipped with Body Battery Energy Monitoring, stress tracking, a Pulse Ox sensor and connected GPS, this watch is capable of tracking all of the most important health and wellness statistics. The watch will allow the wearer to stay on top of their well-being, making it a brilliant gift for someone who is looking to start a wellness journey in the new year. The watch is also equipped with several smartwatch features including call and message notifications and step and sleep tracking. This model is secured on the wrist using a brown Italian leather strap that exudes elegance.


The Only Garmin Gift Guide You'll Ever Need

Upon its launch, the Instinct 2 was groundbreaking. The collection is one-of-a-kind as it offers practically unlimited battery life. The industry-leading solar technology used in these watches can generate power to equal what is being used. This means that as long as the Solar models are exposed to enough light, they should never run out of battery. The collection was designed using bold colours to create a statement on the wrist. Each of the timepieces is equipped with robust lifestyle features and Garmin’s full suite of health and wellness features. Purpose-built with rugged individualists in mind, this watch is jam-packed with pioneering wrist-based technology.

Garmin Instinct 2 Solar Tidal Blue Silicone Strap 010-02627-06

This bold blue timepiece has been precisely engineered to be robust and resilient. It is rated at a water resistance of 100 metres and is both thermal and shock resistant. Additionally, the scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla glass has been chemically strengthened to provide an unequalled level of durability. The watch is equipped with GPS, ABC sensors and many other Garmin technologies that will enable the wearer to monitor and track their progress. Smart features including notifications and a calendar will also allow the wearer to keep in touch with their contacts whilst on the move. The blue case of this watch is crafted from fibre-reinforced polymer, adding to the durability of the timepiece. The design is completed with a blue silicone strap.


The Only Garmin Gift Guide You'll Ever Need

This watch is a premium tactical smartwatch that is built for the most demanding situations. As its name might suggest, the Tactix 7 is designed for a military lifestyle where functionality and practicality are priorities. This timepiece combines a 5-button interface with a responsive touchscreen, ensuring that the watch can be easily operated whatever the situation. The watch has dedicated tactical, training and performance features that are not found in any other Garmin watch. Alongside navigation functions and health and wellness monitoring, this timepiece also has night vision goggle compatibility, Jumpmaster ability and the ability to erase all data within seconds.

Garmin Tactix 7 Pro Edition Solar Tactical GPS Smartwatch 010-02704-11

This watch is ruggedly built to military standards, meaning that the wearer can enter challenging situations knowing their watch can withstand it. An impressive battery life of up to 122 hours in GPS mode with solar charging will mean that the wearer is never left without their timepiece. This model is crafted using a Power Sapphire lens and a durable titanium bezel. The case is made using fibre-reinforced polymer and a titanium rear cover to ensure optimal durability. The watch is equipped with a huge number of Garmin’s famous technologies to aid with general health and well-being. This model features Stealth Mode which allows the watch to stop storing and sharing GPS position to ensure the wearer’s safety.


The Only Garmin Gift Guide You'll Ever Need

Garmin’s Quatix 7 is built especially for the active boater lifestyle. It is perfect for life on the water and can be connected to Garmin marine electronics to optimise its capability. The all-new touchscreen display makes features such as the multifunction display control and anchor drag alerts easier to navigate. When the watch is paired with onboard equipment it can be used for autopilot systems and can stream important data about the boat. This will allow the wearer to navigate and plan their outing from their wrist. Multi-continent Topo maps provide detailed contour mapping for anywhere around the globe. This timepiece is the perfect choice for keen sailors.

Garmin Quatix 7X Solar Edition Smartwatch 010-02541-61

Even with all of its impressive features, this model can still yield up to 37 days of battery life in smartwatch mode with solar charging. The timepiece is easy to use whilst on the move thanks to its combination of buttons and a touchscreen. The watch is also equipped with golf course and Skiview maps to aid the wearer when they arrive at their destination. The watch is also capable of tracking health and wellness statistics such as heart rate, sleep and performance metrics. Impressive navigation functions and boat compatibility make this watch a great companion when sailing the seven seas. It is built using high-quality Power Sapphire, titanium and silicone to ensure for optimal durability.


The Only Garmin Gift Guide You'll Ever Need

Straps and accessories can be a great gifting option if the person you are gifting to already owns a Garmin. The brand creates a wide variety of accessories that seamlessly pair with its technologies to emphasise its style and capabilities. Garmin produces items such as chest straps and bike mounts so that the watch can be worn and used in different ways. Additionally, the brand’s straps are created with QuickFit mechanisms. This allows them to be changed within seconds to alter the whole look of a timepiece. The versatility of these accessories makes them a brilliant addition to the only Garmin gift guide you’ll ever need.

Garmin Quick Release Strap Only | Tan Italian Leather With Silver Hardware 010-12691-0A

This classic Italian leather strap exudes the style of a traditional analogue timepiece. It can be combined with any Quick Release-compatible Garmin watch to create a stylish aesthetic. Garmin watches often have a distinctively sporty look, but a change of strap can make them suited to any occasion. This strap is crafted from brown Italian leather which is detailed with pale brown contrast stitching. The strap is secured using a silver-toned stainless steel buckle for a timeless look.

If you are interested in Garmin watches after reading the only Garmin gift guide you’ll ever need, click here to browse all Garmin products on our website.

What are your thoughts on the only Garmin gift guide you’ll ever need? Did you find gift inspiration for the festive season? Let us know in the comments!

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