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The NEW Seiko Prospex LX Line

Seiko Prospex LX


Seiko Announce The New Seiko Prospex LX Line At Baselworld 2019

Baselworld 2019 has provided us with so many new and fantastic releases so far, and the brand new Seiko Prospex LX line is the latest yet! Seiko have announced this new version of the hugely popular Prospex watch today, as a high end version of this watch. The Seiko brand produced its very first diver’s watch back in 1965, and ever since has proved to be a popular choice among sportsmen and professional divers. Today, the spirit of the classic sports watch is portrayed in a brand new way, via a new line of watches created for land, sea and sky. The Prospex LX gathers inspiration from the latin word for light, and is a subtle nod to the way that light is reflected in the broad, flat surfaces of each case.

The design of the Seiko Prospex LX offers a unique balance of heritage style and modern innovation. The overall appearance of this line offers a strong link back to the 1968 professional divers watch, whilst the materials used and manufacturing techniques provide a modern twist. The detail that has been included in this piece is immense, Seiko have even accounted for the center of gravity, which has been lowered in this model, so that the watch will offer an increased level of comfort whilst on the wrist. The upper portion of the case has also been given a more pronounced angle, which allows the Zaratsu polished surfaces to shine even brighter than before.

Prospex LX

Arguably the most important part of the LX line is the movement. This model benefits from Seiko’s 5R Spring Drive Calibre, which provides you with one-second a day precision, as well as bringing high levels of shock resistance and temperature resistance to your wrist! With these fantastic features packed inside, the 5R is the perfect piece of tech for use in any kind of sporting or adventure activity with it’s extreme levels of reliability and resistance. This tech has even been worn on a space walk, and has journeyed to the top of Everest on the wrist of Yuichiro Miura.


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