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Baselworld 2019 Begins This Week!

Baselworld 2019


Baselworld 2019 Is Beginning This Week – Here’s What To Expect

Baselworld 2019 has been different in many ways to the previous editions of the annual show out in Basel, Switzerland, but here is a quick guide of what’s been happening on the run up to the show, and what we can expect to see over it’s course. Running from March 21 – 26, Baselworld is the place to be for watches, jewellery and precious stones. Connecting all of the industries top brands and retailers, with the media, influencers and the most importantly, buyers. An exclusive platform that is used to display products and services, whilst showcasing new and innovative releases on the largest stage for the industry.

What To Expect?

In the time between last years show and this years, there has been a lot of changes and unforeseen actions that have led to the show being set up and worked in a new way. Things like certain brands deciding to not showcase their product has had a huge knock-on for the rest of the show, meaning that there will be completely new set-up with many brands expected to have much more floor space, so hopefully we will be seeing some new and exciting displays from those benefiting from more space and freedom within.

However, the focus should not be on the concept of ‘Baselworld 2019’ so our focus is on what news and releases come out of each brand. Brands that we do stock, and that we don’t, we are looking forward to seeing as much as we can over the few day’s that we will be attending! It is hard to say exactly what we will be seeing at this years show as most brands keep very quite to save all the exciting bits for the show itself, however we can take a look at what went down last year at Baselworld 2018 to get a better idea of what to expect. We saw brand new pieces from our luxury brands such as Sinn, Hamilton, and Bruno Sohnle as well as fashion brands like Bering and Briston.

Kronaby are definitely a brand we are excited to find out more about, recently taken over, it may be too soon for new releases, or even to be showcasing at Basel, but following on from the developments we saw last year from the Apex collection, it is exciting to see what comes next.

One of the thing’s we definitely are looking forward to at Baselworld 2019 is something like last years Legends United, where footballing hero’s, like Diego Maradona and Roberto Carlos took part in a match of friendship with the support of Hublot, and we are looking forward to who or what we could be seeing this year! Not only did we get to see events like this, but we were also looking at brand new brands and ones that we had only been working with for a short time, one of these was Tissot, who we had only recently began a close relationship, and we got to see the release of a brand new ladies collection, the Tissot PR100 Lady Sport-Chic!

Some of our biggest brands at the time were also very active last year, with Seiko watches releasing the brand new Hi-Beat, which proved to be extremely popular, so we would definitely be expect something new to be coming out this year! Citizen have slowed down with the releases of new product over the last year, so we are hoping that we will be able to bring you some new and exciting news from Basel, similar to last year where they were breaking records with the Satellite Wave GPS!

We will be bringing you as much new and exciting news as we can this week, and next, to keep you as up to day as possible on all the new and exciting goings on, so make sure to keep up to date with our blog to find out all the latest news!Let us know what you are excited for too!



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