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The New Bulova Computron LED

Bulova Computron


Taking it back to the 70’s with the Bulova Computron watch!

Last months Baselworld 2019 watch and jewellery show gave us a glimpse at some of the newest and most unique watches that we are going to see over the next year or so. Baselworld is always used as a platform to announce these new products, and we love to follow the news and continue to find out more about these new watches as and when we can find out more from the brands. One of these fantastic unique new timepieces that was first announced in Basel, but we have now been lucky enough to get a closer look at is the Bulova Computron LED watch.

This new piece pays homage to designs of the past, and brings a completely new style to the Bulova range. However, these out of the ordinary designs are not so unexpected from Bulova, with other collections like the women’s Rubaiyat or the hugely popular Curv range.

This new Bulova Computron model offers something completely new, with a classic 70’s style, and a modern twist. Taking inspiration from many different references from the 70’s, the Computron has been released to fill a niche in the market, which they have definitely been able to do, as we have not seen many pieces like this before! The closest we can think of are some of the models form Storm Watches, particularly the MK4 or the Razer!

Infusing some of the brand’s most iconic and nostalgic timepieces with modern design elements, Bulova’s Archive Series continues to expand with the new digital LED Computron. What was considered at the time an unconventional, futuristic looking trapezoidal case design, the new style honors the versions of the past and displays the time via LED on the front, at an angle.

Bulova Computron

The Bulova Computron Range

This range is set to be initially available in three different colour schemes, where you will be able to get a stainless steel model in silver, with a cool blue LED display, or you can go for the red LED display which is available on the black or gold PVD plated models, with the black model arriving on a rubber strap too! So there a few solid options to choose from, all of which you should be able to pair with most different outfits!

This 2019 collection comes with updated tech inside the case, where the user will be able to scroll between two different time zones, as well as the option to display hours, minutes, seconds, month, date, and day in a glowing LED that will stand out in any light conditions!

We will be updating you shortly with the availability of this model, and will hopefully be bringing the computron to the website soon!



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