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The Baselworld 2019 News You May Have Missed

While Baselworld organisers have been looking ahead to a big change in 2020, they certainly didn’t disappoint with this years event! Despite the lower number of watchmakers in attendance, compared to previous years, there was still a lot for watch lovers to marvel at. This was in no small part down to the high quality of the watches on display at Baselworld 2019.

While there have been a lot of Baselworld 2019 news and views for you to check out, there are quite a few stories which may have passed you by. With so much happening at Baselworld 2019, it’s impossible for anyone to keep up with all of the news on offer. So let us take time to fill you in on the Baselworld 2019 news you may have missed!

Baselworld 2019 News: Tag Heuer Hit a Hole in One!

Tag Heuer were one of the first luxury watch manufacturers to take a shot at the smartwatch market back at Baselworld 2015. As one of the most popular sports watch manufacturers their partnership with Android seemed like the perfect way to halt the expected domination by the Apple Watch. As it turned out, Apple didn’t dominate the watch market, but Tag Heuer’s partnership with Android has been a successful one.

The latest smartwatch offering from Tag Heuer is the Connected Modular 45 Golf Edition. Which, you won’t be surprised to hear, is a watch perfect for those who love an afternoon out on the fairway. This watch is an update on the popular Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 but with a nice added twist for golf lovers. The watch has a golf app providing information on over 39,000 golf courses all around the world. While this watch is probably not worth spending £1,600 on if you already have the original Connected Modular 45 (especially as you can download the app separately) it’s certainly worth considering if you’re crazy about golf!

Baselworld 2019 News: Zenith Celebrate Anniversary

Zenith were celebrating an important moment in the history of the company with the 50th anniversary of the El Primero movement. This movement was the first ever automatic chronograph movement and was released in 1969, the same year man first landed on the moon. Zenith are rightly proud of producing such a fantastic movement and made sure to celebrate it in style by announcing 50th anniversary editions at Baselworld 2019.

The 50th anniversary editions feature an exact recreation of the original El Primero produced back in 1969. This is perfect for anyone who wants a little bit of history right on their wrist. But for those who want something with a bit more fancy technology, Zenith haven’t forgotten about you! The Chronometer 2 El Primero features the El Primero Striking 10 movement first produced in 2010. This movement allows you to time to 1/10th second intervals, which is an incredible achievement for an automatic movement. The Zenith El Primero Defy 21 rounds up their list of new 50th anniversary releases. The Defy 21 is for those who want the latest and greatest Zenith chronometer movement, it allows you to time to 1/100th second intervals.

Baselworld 2019 News: Michael Kors Announce Heart Rate Watch

While the announcement for the latest Michael Kors smartwatch was made back at Consumer Electronics Show, the biggest announcement was held back for those reporting Baselworld 2019 news. This new release will now be called the Michael Kors Sofie Heart Rate and will feature a heart rate monitor inside the watch. Clearly, fitness tracking is one of the most important parts of any modern smartwatch and Michael Kors seem to have that all wrapped up with this new release.

As is usual for anything by Michael Kors, this new watch is unbelievably stylish. It comes in silver, gold, rose gold and a mix of silver and gold. While many of the watches features are created for use during exercise (the waterproof heart rate feature seems perfect for swimming) it remains to be seen just how comfortable the watch is in these situations. It also remains to be seen just how durable the watch is, too. Hopefully it is very durable, because it would certainly be a shame to damage such a beautiful device while working out. This watch will be available to buy this month and is sure to be popular with fitness and fashion lovers alike!

Baselworld 2019 News: Bulova Go Back to Their Roots

Bulova have always been a manufacturer on the cutting edge of horological technology. But this years biggest release is something few would have predicted. The Joseph Bulova Series is a series of 16 watches limited to 350 pieces each which are inspired by vintage styles. These watches are a break from the norm from Bulova and will be popular with watch collectors everywhere. Not only are these watches beautifully crafted, but they are also a nod to the history of the company and American watchmaking in general.

One extra nice little touch is the decision to use mechanical movements in these watches. This added touch will not only make them popular with watch aficionados everywhere but it is also a great nod to the real history of Bulova watches. The early Bulova watches would have all included mechanical movements (although these movements are Swiss, rather than the American ones Joseph would have used), which adds a touch of authenticity to these fantastic timepieces.

Baselworld 2019 News: Casio Unveil Limited Edition Smartwatch

Casio have not been one of the companies who have dominated the smartwatch market (although they technically made one of the first smartwatches) but they have experimented with Android based technology. The latest piece of Casio’s Baselworld 2019 news didn’t garner as much attention as one might think, despite being an announcement of a stylish new smartwatch. At Baselworld 2019 Casio announced a new smartwatch which will be unique… and very difficult to get your hands on!

The new watch is a redesigned version of their popular WSD-F30 Wear OS smartwatch. It has the same features as their last version but boasts an impressive new design. This design is slightly smaller than the original version with a stylish mix of rose gold and blue elements across the device. There will only be one thousand of these watches and they will be exclusive to Europe and Japan. If you get in quick you will be able to pick one of these devices up for £900.

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