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Muhle Glashutte Sea-Timer BlackMotion

Muhle Glashutte Sea-Timer BlackMotion


The Brand New Muhle Glashutte Sea-Timer BlackMotion

The new Muhle Glashutte Sea-Timer BlackMotion was first seen last week at Baselworld 2019, and it is definitely a watch to be excited about too! The combination of casual style and functionality is reflected throughout this new watch, with the high contrast dial, where the stunning white indices sit atop the matte black dial which offers a fantastic level of readability. Not only this, but the watch also arrives with nickel-plated hands, which stand out perfectly form the dial and the markers, making sure that the wearer can read the time at a glance, and in low light conditions!

Do we only buy sun lotion in extra-large bottles, barely even notice if we get salt water in our eyes and simply grab a jetboard when the wind isn’t on our side? If so, there’s no doubt about it: We’re a perfect match for the Sea-Timer BlackMotion! – Muhle Glashutte

This new sports watch from Muhle Glashutte is the perfect timepiece for anyone that is constantly on the move, from activity to activity, always on the go, trying new sports! The BlackMotion is the ideal companion for all kinds of sports adventures, with a high quality stainless steel case, this model features a 2.5mm thick double anti-glare sapphire crystal glass, and a solid screw in crown with extra side protection. These fantastic features are brought together by the Sea-Timer’s elaborate TiC (titanium carbide) coating, which completely transforms the watch from a sophisticated timepiece in to a cool-looking timepiece for your wrist!


TiC coating is applied using a process called PVD, or physical vapour deposition, which is used to coat the case of the watch with multiple layers of titanium carbide. This multi-layer process will benefit the watch in many ways, making the surface of the watch as black as night, extremely resistant to scratching and damage, and increased hardness of the stainless steel case too!

Not only is this a fantastic looking watch, but as we previously mentioned, this is the ideal sports watch too. With a pressure resistance of up to 300m (30 Bar) the functionality of this piece is fantastic, and is perfectly paired with a water resistant textile strap, which has been supported with an inner layer of non-irritable rubber.


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