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Seiko Hi-Beat at Baselworld 2018



Last year at Baselworld we saw Seiko introduce and wow us with their new “cooler than ice cream” re-release of their vintage dive watch, the Seiko 6217-8000/1. This watch was hailed by many as an superb model, ultra reliable, and highly accurate, but many believed the price point to be a little too high causing the watch to be a hot topic of debate. Now, this year, Seiko have decided that if its not broken, don’t fix it; again creating a slightly modernized remake of a classic, loved divers watch from their past. The new Prospex Diver 300m Hi-Beat SLA025, First released in 1968 Seiko are hoping that this vintage re-release will be just as successful 40 years on.

Seiko Prospex 300m Hi-Beat SLA025

This year at Baselworld the new Seiko Prospex Hi-Beat is set to take the show by storm. Targeting true fans of watches, and the most dedicated of collectors, who wont just be keeping this one in a glass case to look good! Why? A 44.8mm x 15.7mm case, the same that was on the original, with the same crown positioning, the same brushing, and the same notched bezel. A new pyramid design rubber strap sets this watch off perfectly, paying homage to the textured strap of the original, whilst innovating and updating the design to a more modern taste. Designed specifically to be used by

The original 1968 Seiko Automatic Diver 300m hi-beat ref. 6159-7001.

divers, inside the case ticks a hi-beat movement, a movement with 5Hz or 36,000vph frequency.

Such a fantastic tribute to the original, this watch is a limited edition model of only 1,500 pieces worldwide and is going to retail at over £4,500, so not the cheapest watch to be released by Seiko, but most certainly one to add to the collection, a fantastic design piece with the genuine functionality of the classic dive watch it is based on.

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