baselworld 2018

Citizen are breaking records at Baselworld 2018

breaking records at baselworld

Breaking Records at Baselworld

A new record has been broken at Baselworld and its not even been one day yet! Citizen watch UK have announced their new Satellite Wave GPS watch and its already set a new speed record. I can receive a signal from up to 20,000 kilometres away in only three seconds. After previously introducing us to the world’s first light powered satellite synchronised timepiece in 2011 the Citizen watch brand has continued to evolve its groundbreaking technology. The model is called the CC7005-16E and it is the latest addition to join the Satellite wave GPS family and it has earnt its place amongst the best that Citizen has. What makes this watch so impressive is that it has come out of nowhere and can do things no other watch can. It can receive a perfect signal from 20,000 kilometres in outer space or if that isn’t impressive enough it can pick up a signal from any location on Planet Earth all in just three seconds.

Citizen satellite wave gps baselworld 2018

The watch features the impressive Eco-Drive calibre which has a maximum life time of 2.5 years on a full charge, even without the presence of light. You can even use the world time display the watches chronograph, charge indicator and the alarm function whilst running with no light at all. to keep this watch as light as possible its case has been manufactured from Citizens own Super Titanium and has a diameter of only 48.5 millimetres.

If you have any questions about Citizen breaking records at baselworld then let us know in the comments below.

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