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A Hamilton Watch in the Movies


Hamilton Watch in the Movies

The primary aim of a movie is to entertain, to offer audiences an escape from the everyday and to transport us away from our own lives for a couple of hours. This is successful because film makers use scenery and props to create a realistic but different world.  This is the story of how Hamilton became the Movie Brand, helping film makers create characters and new worlds.

For over six decades Hamilton’s distinctive watches have caught the attention of the world’s leading screen stylists. The brand is constantly working closely with the world’s leading directors, costume designers, prop masters and screenwriters to find watches that have their own plot. This “auditioning” process is about finding or creating the perfect timepiece to enrich and shape the character wearing the Hamilton watch, supporting his or her role and individual identity. Striking shapes, sophisticated materials and edgy designs bring high impact, as well as the versatility to feature in diverse genres, from action pictures to comedy classics. Movie making is similar to watchmaking: In order to inspire the audience, a meticulous attention to technical and styling detail is crucial.

Back in 1932, a Hamilton watch first appeared on the big screen in a film named ‘Shanghai Express’ starring Marlene Dietrich. It was the sparkling debut that kick started Hamilton’s involvement in the world of cinema. It is a partnership that runs deep through the history of the brand and continues to inspire stylists and designers in the movie industry almost 90 years later. Hamilton made their second big screen appearance in a film named ‘The Frogmen‘ about an underwater demolition team in 1951. Quite the appropriate film, with the Frogman collection from Hamilton one of the most popular today!

It would be another 10 years until they made another movie, in the form of ‘Blue Hawaii‘ staring Elvis Presley himself, which turned out to be the big break for the Elvis Ventura. since that first movie, Hamilton have appeared in over 450 feature films, from sci-fi masterpieces, or comedy capers, to action blockbuster and thrilling biopics!

This means that in a whole range of different movies you can spot a Hamilton watch on the wrist of the lead character, from Will Smith in I Am Legend (No one mention Abbey the dog!) to Bruce Willis in Die Hard, you can always find a Hamilton watch if you look hard enough!

For the full list of films that feature a Hamilton Watch click here. And for more on the Hamilton brand, click here.

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All of us here at First Class Watches love seeing watches on the big screen and as a tribute to this we have made a Info graphic for watches cameo appearances in the movies. So grab the popcorn, take your seat, turn off your smartwatch and enjoy!

Hamilton Infographic pt1

Hamilton watch Infographic pt2

Interstellar, a film set in a sci-fi future in which time plays the most critical role. Hamilton watches developed a unique watch for Murphy Cooper, one of the main characters played fantastically by Jessica Chastain who the audience meets through different periods of time, as a child, an adult and then even an old woman as she fights to help her father. Played by the brilliant Matthew McConaughey it is his mission along side his daughters to save the planet.

Without spoiling the movie, which is a must watch by the way, there is a scene towards the end of the film, where the watch is the main focus, and plays a massive part in explaining why everything that has happened, happens, and acts as a way to close the film. Quite the spotlight for a Hamilton watch!

“Hamilton developed a unique watch for Murphy Cooper, one of the main characters played by Jessica Chastain who the audience meets as a child, an adult and an old woman as she fights to help her father – played by Matthew McConaughey – save the planet. “

Hamilton are now also releasing this piece as the Khaki Field Murph Auto, available in May 2019, and you can find out more about that, here!


Hamilton have now also released a brand new Jazzmaster watch to celebrate all their hard work in the wold of movies of the last 90 years! The NEW Hamilton Jazzmaster Auto Regulator Cinema is inspired by movies, and film to bring a unique design, with a H-12 auto regulator movement, along with a movie printed open case back! Definitely worth checking out here!


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