The NEW Hamilton Cinema Auto Regulator

Hamilton cinema Auto Reg

The NEW Hamilton Jazzmaster Auto Regulator Cinema

The Hamilton Cinema Auto Regulator is the latest from Hamilton, celebrating their involvement in the world of the big screen!

From the hugely popular Jazzmaster collection, the new Hamilton Cinema Automatic Regulator. A classy nod to the long and prestigious life of Hamilton, working in the movie industry, with Hamilton watches appearing in over 450 feature films over the last 90 odd years! An extremely impressive achievement. The way that the design team at Hamilton have liberated the minutes from the hour display helps to strengthen a design that recalls the turning reels of vintage movie cameras. The detail does not stop there however, a special, unique open case back offers a glimpse of the quality H-12 automatic movement inside, whilst having the black movie reel actually printed on to this display back. This is one to watch.

Hamilton Cinema

The Movement 

The Hamilton Cinema Auto Regulator features the H-12 regulator movement, allowing for the minutes and hours to be separated from one another. This gives the dial of the watch maximum practical impact, allowing for the Hamilton design team to use separate subdials to house the different features. This particular movement is favored for such occasions, where the minutes are all-important.

The Story

As I mentioned previously, Hamilton watches have been feature in over 450 feature films, that is a lot. some of the most notable have to be their second big screen appearance, in ‘The Frogmen‘ and then 10 years later on, in the movie ‘Blue Hawaii‘. The Frogmen, 1951, was a story about an underwater demolition team, and was only the second appearance on the big screen for a Hamilton timepiece, which of course, then led to the creation of the Frogman collection, which is one of the most popular still today!

10 year later, Elvis Presley is spotted rocking a Hamilton piece in the movie Blue Hawaii, which was the big break for the Ventura collection, and has even led to the creation of the Elvis Ventura!

Other huge blockbuster films that have to be mentioned are; Men in Black, I Am legend, The Martian, Interstellar, Die Hard, and over 443 more!

This just goes to show the huge part that Hamilton has played in supporting the movie industry, and leaves us with some great watches to appreciate and collect! Make sure to click the link to read more about Hamilton in The Movies.



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