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The Hamilton Khaki Field Murph Auto!

Hamilton Khaki Field Murph


The moment that Interstellar fans have been waiting for – The Hamilton Khaki Field Murph Auto!

Hamilton watches have announced that they are releasing a faithful recreation of the watch that starred in the 2014 movie, Interstellar. The watch appeared towards the end of the movie, and without spoiling the plot too much, played quite the key role whilst on the wrist of one of the main characters, Murph. This piece is a must have for any fan of the movie, and a fantastic collectible for Hamilton, or movie, enthusiasts! The attention to detail on this model is unbelievable, as they have even manged to print the word ‘Eureka’ in Morse code on the seconds hand! This piece will also arrive with a brand new, limited edition box/packaging which has been co-created with award winning production designer Nathan Crowley.

Hamitlon Murph

Interstellar inspiration is everywhere in the Hamilton Khaki Field Murph, and the piece is set to be available worldwide in May 2019!

Interstellar is a sci-fi film, set in the future, where time plays the most critical role. The story follows Murphy Cooper, expertly played by the immensely talented Jessica Chastain, on her fight to save her father, played by the brilliant Matthew McConaughey. The movie takes us through many different periods of time, and really tests, and questions how we see the relationship between space and time, in a complex and thrilling journey. We meet Murph through multiple different periods of time throughout the movie, as a young child, an adult, and then an old woman later on too. Without spoiling the movie for those who haven’t seen it yet (we would highly recommend that you do) later on in the film, this timepiece becomes integral to the story, and helps to bring the whole thing together, offering answers and explanations for previous scenes and events.

As this was such a huge part of the screenplay, the producers of the BAFTA, Academy Award, Critics Choice and Empire award winning movie, including director Christopher Nolan, decided that it would have to be a Hamilton watch that takes center stage. This meant that Hamilton went away and produced the Hamilton Khaki Field Murph just for this movie, and soon it will be available to you too!

“Hamilton developed a unique watch for Murphy Cooper, one of the main characters played by Jessica Chastain who the audience meets as a child, an adult and an old woman as she fights to help her father, played by Matthew McConaughey, save the planet.”

As we previously mentioned, this piece will also arrive in limited edition packaging, inspired by the movie, and co-created by Nathan Crowley. Having Crowley on board has only pushed the value of this piece upwards, the production designer and a former art director has been nominated for multiple awards in his career, and has worked on some of the best and biggest movies around, including all three movies from the Christian Bale Batman Trilogy, Dunkirk, Braveheart, Behind Enemy Lines, and many more! This really shows the level of creative detail and prestige that the packaging alone has, so the watch must be special to the brand!


This is not the only movie that a Hamilton watch has featured in, you can check out a few more here, and it’s not the only one that has helped to launch the identity of a timepiece too, with Elvis Presley’s Blue Hawaii helping push the Ventura in to the watch it is today, and you can find out more about that here!


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