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The Olivia Burton Mini Dial Trend is Here!

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Olivia Burton are one of the leaders in the world of women’s fashion, jewellery and watches. One of the fastest growing, and most influential brands around currently. They continue to produce new and unique pieces, that catch on and become popular around the world. A true trend-setter! The latest trend that is being predicted is starting with Olivia Burton mini dial watches. These smaller dial pieces are expected to be the next big thing, and here’s why!

Smaller dials isn’t necessarily anything new to the world of watches, so this could be seen more like a resurgence, rather than a new trend. In the men’s market we have seen quite a shift towards larger case sizes, which is the opposite to what we are seeing for women, an interesting thought! Olivia Burton do not sell any men’s watches, so we can ignore those for now, and just look at women’s models.

Olivia Burton Mini Dial
Two new mini-dial models Coming Soon!

The larger case has been a popular look, but is now starting to look aged, especially with some styles, meaning that it is time for a new trend to take over. A new trend does not need to groundbreaking, or completely new, which is what we are seeing here with Olivia Burton.

This re-sizing is seeing models as small as 20mm become popular once again. This has been a slightly less popular size in previous years, but for the Olivia Burton mini dial collections, this is the sweet spot. We are now seeing a growing range of models with cases that are 30mm or less, which seem to be extremely popular!

For example, we have the brand new 3D Bee Charity watch, which comes with a 30mm case, and looks like it is going to be a huge success, despite only just being launched today! You can take a look at a few examples from that range below!

Olivia Burton Mini Dial

These watches, available in a few different styles follow on from another trend that has been hugely popular (partly thanks to OB) in the form of Bee’s! The humble bumble has been an iconic style for the brand for some time now, and can also be seen on other brands models too now, following the popularity of the Olivia Burton watches!

The watches in this collection are available in silver, rose gold, and gold, and range from £125 to £155, which makes them fantastic value as well as style!

Take a look at more Olivia Burton mini dial watches here, and shop the full range here!

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