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Bee Themed Jewellery

bee themed jewellery

Bee’s have been a hot topic in the news over recent years due to the prediction of their near extinction back in 2017. As the world takes on new challenges such as climate change, the preservation of nature and animals in more prevalent than ever. Since then, we have seen an increase in the inclusion of not only bee’s within jewellery collections but also nature-inspired pieces. As our own form of awareness, we decided to take a look at bee themed jewellery from a range of different jewellery brands.

Olivia Burton Jewellery | 3D Bee | Silver | Open End Bangle

Bee Themed Jewellery

What better way to start our recommendations than with the iconic Olivia Burton. Their bee themed collection is one of their most popular with a variety of jewellery and watches to choose from. This bracelet is simple and tasteful featuring a slim silver band with two bees either side of the bracelet. As this is not the only bee themed piece from their collection we would recommend styling this bracelet with other bee themed jewellery pieces.

Treasure House 9k Yellow Gold Bee Hive Stud Earrings

Bee Themed Jewellery

These bee inspired earrings are perfect for those that like jewellery which is a little different. Rather than having two matching earrings, these pair are comprised of a bee and a hive, a beautiful combination. For those that have a flair for all things luxury, these earrings are made more 9K yellow gold. The crystal set bee and hive will add a sparkle to your attire and will catch the eye of your friends and loved ones.

Elements Gold 9k Yellow Gold Bee Pendant Only

elements necklace

As with the earrings previously featured, this beautiful bee pendant is also made from 9k yellow gold. Unlike most of the bee jewellery featured, this pendant is all gold in colour which adds a simplistic and elegant flair. We would recommend wearing this stunning jewellery piece to special occasions, with the right dress, this bee pendant will surely make a good impression.

Orla Kiely Jewellery ANIMAL STORIES Gold Plated Sterling Silver Bee Ring

Bee Themed Jewellery

Rings are not for everyone. However, if you are the kind of person that likes to wear the odd ring here and there, this bee themed ring might just catch your eye. It is an all gold piece with an amber colour crystal set at the head of the bee. If you like to be coordinated, we would recommend styling this ring with the necklace and earrings which are from the same collection, designed by Orla Kiely.

Thomas Sabo Jewellery | Sterling Silver Gold Plated ‘Bee’ Necklace

Thomas Sabo necklace

For those that have been waiting for luxury at its best, we have picked out this exquisite sterling silver gold plated necklace by Thomas Sabo. Thomas Sabo is well known for their elegant and detailed collections and this necklace is no exception. It shows off the natural colours of a bee with the inclusion of black, yellow and white across the pendant. This bee themed necklace is also set with crystals, helping you make a lasting impression at your next special occasion.

What are your thoughts on our selections for bee themed jewellery? Let us know in the comments below!

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