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Olivia Burton Watches Official Stockist!

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First Class Watches are now an authorized dealer for Olivia Burton watches! We are pleased to announce that you are now able to view and purchase Olivia Burton products online, and in-store! This is a fantastic new brand to add to our catalogue, and provides you with even more choice!

These watches provide modern, and on-trend designs, and at a fantastic price point too! Olivia Burton are a popular brand, known all around the world for their quality, fashionable pieces. Now, you are able to find a fantastic collection of watches from the brand at First Class Watches too!

The Olivia Burton Watches Story!

Olivia Burton is a British brand, that was founded by two best friends, and ex-fashion buyers, Jemma and Lesa! The pair met on their first day at the London College of Fashion, and instantly had a connection. They bonded over a joint love of design, and a passion to start their own business. Not only did they share this, but they also suffered from the same struggle of not being able to find a watch that they wanted to wear.

The pair have always been lovers of vintage clothing and accessories, and loved to find unique pieces for inspiration. They would trawl through antique markets in London, looking and searching for timepieces and other accessories. Following their graduation from the college, they both went on to pursue careers in fashion buying. Both had successful careers too, working for some of the largest fashion companies in the country, such as Selfridges, ASOS and Topshop. However, the idea of going it alone always remained in their minds, and in 2011 they made the decision. Jemma and Lesa both quit their jobs and began work on their own brand, a brand that would produce unique, beautiful watches, from the kitchen table to begin with!

Olivia Burton Watches

The brand is actually named after Lesa’s great aunt, Olivia Burton, and took on her spirited approach and energy! Their first collection debuted in 2012, and was instantly a success in the world of women’s fashion! This collection offered covetable, collectable styles, with colourful and fun designs, perfect for all ages! Watches that are inspired by vintage finds, as well as the latest catwalk trends!

Olivia Burton bring designs to life in the East London studio, where Jemma and Lesa work closely with their small team to ensure every piece is produced to the perfect standard! Following on from the success of Olivia Burton watches, they have also now branched out in to Jewellery and accessories too, which can can also be found online and in-store at First Class Watches! Take a closer look at Olivia Burton watches here.

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