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The New Polar Ignite GPS Fitness Watch!

Polar Ignite

The Polar Ignite is the latest fitness tracking and GPS enabled wrist-based heart rate watch from Polar watches. This Ignite joins a family of powerful fitness watches, designed for a range of performance levels, from amateur to professional. This new Ignite model offers advanced wrist-based heart rate monitoring and integrated GPS, all inside a waterproof shell. Part of the latest generation of workout partner, this model has been created to support you, as you reach your potential, and push your limits. The Polar Ignite provides a full overview of your day, and guidance towards living a more balanced life. More Polar watches that you may want to take a closer look at are the Vantage M, Vantage V and the Vantage V Titan!

The Ignite is a versatile, all in one training watch, the perfect companion for all kinds of workouts and exercise. Assisting with tracking and planning, it will help you to save time and focus on pushing yourself as far as you can. The FitSpark training guide will provide you with ready made, set workouts that suit your recovery and readiness. The Ignite is ideal for tracking runs, walks and rides. Using GPS technology, it will be able to track your speed, distance and route, to help improve the next time you’re out! It will also be a fantastic companion for fitness classes too, as it will track your heart rate and the number of calories burnt too! After you are finished you will be able to go back and look over the workout too analyse further!

Using the Polar Flow app, and web service, you’re watch will automatically log your workouts. You will then be able to view and analyse all of your data, including sleep and activity, to understand how your body functions, and how to make the most of workouts

Polar Ignite

Not only do you receive a watch packed full of the essentials, such as daily activity tracking, steps and calories tracking. The Polar Ignite will also provide you with a detailed insights to recovery and readiness. You are able to follow and review your stages of sleep, and get detailed insights through the new Sleep Plus Stages sleep tracking function. This is supported by the brand new Serene breathing feature. A feature that helps to relax you body and calm your mind with the use of breathing exercises!

Not only is the technology inside built to improve your life, and workouts, but the build of the piece itself has also had a lot of development too! A lightweight and sleek design means that the watch can be worn comfortably 24/7, and will not cause issues when sleeping etc. This is a crucial feature, which really supports the tech inside! Perfectly suited to everyday work-wear, or training gear, you will never have an issue wearing the Ignite! Polar Ignite’s lightweight and sleek design is optimised for 24/7 use. You can wear it around the clock and it blends in with both your workday look and your training gear.

Polar Ignite

The Ignite comes set on a choice of black, white, or yellow straps, but is also compatible with any standard 20mm straps, which allows for an infinite amount of personalisation choices to make the watch suit your own personality! The colour touchscreen and one button interface have been made as easy as changing the strap, meaning that anyone can jump in and start using the Ignite Straight away!

Shop the range in-store now, and online very soon!

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