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The Polar Vantage V Sports-Watch

Polar Vantage V

The Polar Vantage V is a Premium Multi-Sport & Triathlon Training watch with GPS and HR Monitoring

The Polar Vantage V has been created to help you to train smarter, and discover the winner within yourself. A premium running and multi-sport GPS and HR watch that has been designed for pro-athletes and for anyone who trains like a pro! A slim and lightweight training tool that will provide you with all the data and statistics that you need to be able to improve your performance, and set new records. Featuring cutting edge water resistant technology perfect for triathlon and marathon training and running!

Cutting Edge Sports Technology

Polar have produced the Vantage V with the latest wearable tech innovations around, making sure that you are provided with all the data you would need to maximize your performance, accurately and efficiently. The brand new Polar Precision Prime sensor fusion technology has been integrated in to this sleek, lightweight model, which will monitor your heart rate accurately, even in the most demanding of conditions. With the lightweight nature of the watch making it almost unnoticeable once you are in the zone, helping to push you to beat your records and improve time and time again. Rather than measuring running power from additional foot pods or sensors, like many do, the Polar Vantage V will measure directly from the wrist!

The Vantage V is currently available in 3 different colours, Black, White and Orange, which you can find below, giving you the option to purchase an additional HR Strap for added training benefits;

Vantage V Black – Shop Now

Vantage V Black (With HR Strap) – Shop Now

Vantage V White – Shop Now

Vantage V White (With HR Strap) – Shop Now

Vantage V Orange – Shop Now

Vantage V Orange (With HR Strap) – Shop Now

Optimise Your Training

One of the most important parts to training like a pro, is being able to recover like one too. The Polar Vantage V will help with this, finding the right balance between training hard, and resting, helping you to stay injury free, with a uniquely holistic training loads and recovery tracking solution. This allows you to then see whether or not your body is ready for training and let’s you receive recovery feedback with Recovery Pro™.

The Vantage V can be relied on to always monitor your heart rate and performance from the wrist accurately, even when the going the training session is at its peak! This then means that all of the data produced will be able to be used for planning future sessions, tracking progress and much more.

Whether you are a professional athlete, or train like one, and are looking measuring your performance whilst taking part in your chosen sport/activity, the Vantage V is always by your side to tack and record. The perfect workout tool, the Vantage V will help you to form a quantifiable training review, allowing you to access a visible data layout! With over 130 different sports to choose from, you can be assured that this watch is perfectly set up to track and record for everything you need, including heart rate and sleep.

The Ultimate Training Platform

The Vantage V is much more than just a sports watch. When you train with your V you’ll be able to gain access to the full Polar ecosystem where everything is connected. All of your training data will be conveniently available on one platform in Polar Flow. Making it quick and easy to check data, and track progress without having to follow complicated paths and multiple sites and apps. Everything in one place. To support this, you will also be able to automatically sync all your training data to other platforms such as Strava or TrainingPeaks.

With extensive training planning and analysis tools, the Vantage V helps to not only record your current or previous workouts, but it lets you plan ahead and keep focused, with an automatic training diary, progress reports and much more all to support you as an athlete. You will also be able to share all collected training data with your coach via the Polar Flow for Coach service, giving instant feedback, and plans for the future!


The Polar Vantage M & Vantage V Titan

If you are not a pro athlete, or are not planning on training like one, than maybe the polar vantage V is the one for you, the Vantage M is an Advanced Running & Multi-Sport watch with GPS and HR Monitoring, Read All About It Here!

The Vantage V Titan is the latest incarnation of the Vantage range. The most advanced model yet, made from premium materials. With a titanium case and increased technology features, this is the perfect data tracking watch for all professional athletes! Read all about it here.

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