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The Polar Vantage M Sports-Watch

Polar Vantage M

The Polar Vantage M is an Advanced Running & Multi-Sport watch with GPS and HR Monitoring

The Polar Vantage M has been created to help you to challenge your limits, push your boundaries, and achieve more. An all round running and multi-sport GPS and HR watch that is perfect for anyone looking to reach their goals and set new records. A slim and lightweight training companion that will provide you with all the data and statistics that you need to be able to improve your performance.


Polar have created the Vantage M to be a combination of the latest sports technology and lightweight design. making it the perfect watch for sporting activities and data tracking throughout. The lightweight nature of the watch helps you to forget its their, supporting you as you push out that last rep, or cut that second off you lap time.

The Vantage M is currently available in 3 different colours, Black, White and Red, all of which are available in a Medium/Large, and a Small/Medium, making it perfectly fitted to any wrist size for maximized comfort.

Vantage M Black Small/Medium – Shop Now

Vantage M Black Medium/Large – Shop Now

Vantage M White Small/Medium – Shop Now

Vantage M White Medium/Large – Shop Now

The Red variant of the Vantage M will be available on our site very shortly, so keep an eye out if you are interested in this model!


Polar have used their new Precision Prime™ sensor fusion technology to ensure that the Polar Vantage M always monitors your heart rate from the wrist accurately even when the going gets tough! This means that the data produces will be able to be used for planning, progress tracking and all your other needs, as you can rely on the accuracy of the Vantage M.

Whether you are in training, and looking to push yourself further and further, or simply enjoy measuring your performance whilst taking part in your favorite sport, the Vantage M is always ready to help you. The perfect workout companion, the Vantage M will help you to form a quantifiable training review, giving you a visible data result to support the aches and pains of your body! With over 130 different sports to choose from, you can be assured that this watch is perfectly set up to track and record for everything you need, including heart rate and sleep.


Plan, Train, Analyze

Polar Vantage M offers the perfect training platform for the data-loving athlete. It works seamlessly with Polar Flow, which is Polar’s online platform for viewing your training, sleep and activity results and data. With Polar Flow all your training data is easily available in one place. As well as this, you are also able to sync the data to multiple other online sports communities, such as Strava or TrainingPeaks giving you even greater compatibility!

You will get an automated training diary, featuring extensive planning and analysis tools, progress reports and the support of the Polar Flow community. So, it is not just a watch you purchase, it is training support, analysis and much more, including the ability to share your training data with your coach via the the free Polar Flow for Coach service!


The Polar Vantage V & Vantage V Titan

If you are a pro athlete, or are planning on training like one, than maybe the polar vantage V is the one for you, the Vantage V is a Premium Multi-Sport & Triathlon Training watch with GPS and HR Monitoring, Read All About It Here!

The Vantage V Titan is the latest incarnation of the Vantage range. The most advanced model yet, made from premium materials. With a titanium case and increased technology features, this is the perfect data tracking watch for all professional athletes! Read all about it here.

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