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Olivia Burton Cadbury Roses!

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We are very excited to tell you all about the brand new Olivia Burton Cadbury Roses collaboration! The two brands from separate worlds have come together to produce a mini collection of exciting products! The two British brands have been brought together by a joint love for flowers, as well as the importance of taking time to give thanks, for the special people who make everyday life that bit better, as well as yourself too!

This season’s Cadbury Roses tins have been designed by the small, but very talented design team at Olivia Burton, led by co-founder Jemma in their London offices! You can find out more about Jemma and her team at Olivia Burton here! The Roses tins, which feature hand painted roses and the iconic Olivia Burton butterfly are bound to become a prized possession!

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As part of the collaboration, there is going to be a limited edition Cadbury Roses Tin, designed by Olivia Burton, and available for you to collect! Packed full of your favorite chocolates, this new design still contains all of the classics! With Christmas around the corner this could be the perfect gift too! Cadburys Roses have been providing us with an assortment of chocolates since 1938, which is why Olivia Burton are so proud to be presenting this brand new tin design to the world!

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Of course, they could not do this without producing a fantastic new timepiece to match, and we are glad that they have! A striking design takes pride of place on the Olivia Burton Cadbury Roses watch, celebrating their joint love for flowers and taking the time to give thanks!

This model features a 30mm Midi Dial case, in rose gold, and is fitted with the brands coveted rose gold mesh strap too. This model is a true collectors piece! Hand-painted roses alongside dainty butterflies feature on top of the bright blue dial, making them equally elegant as they are eye-catching! There are only 330 of this watch in the world, so be quick if you want one yourself!

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