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Olivia Burton Jewellery Official Stockist

Olivia Burton Jewellery

Last week we announced that we were now an authorized retailer for Olivia Burton watches. Now, it is time to let you know that we are also an official dealer for Olivia Burton Jewellery too! On our blog you can already find out all you need to know about the Olivia Burton brand, including the brand history, and a guide to their Vegan watches! Today we will look at what the brand has to offer in the world of jewellery, and why you can never go wrong with one of their fantastic necklaces, bracelets or earrings (and much more)!

Olivia Burton Jewellery

First up, we are looking at Olivia Burton’s fantastic range of necklaces. The fantastic thing about these are the variation, and choice that is available, whilst still retaining their own unique identity. If you are nature lover, there are fantastic bee, and butterfly designs for you to take a look at. or, if it’s more timeless, classic looks that you are interested in, then you can find these too, just like the OBJ16ENN53 that is pictured above on the right!

However, for those who like to mix both worlds, and want to have a necklace that shows of their dressy side, as well as their nature loving, there is also great combination necklaces too. A range of pieces with both coloured jewels, and nature charms too, just like the OBJAMB78 on the left!

Olivia Burton Jewellery

Starting at around £50, and going up to £75 Olivia Burton bracelets can offer a slightly cheaper alternative to some of the hugely expensive brands, whilst still retaining the high quality, and a worldwide name!

The designs are similar to those of the necklaces, meaning that you can easily collect a set and make your whole outfit match perfectly! This is something that has made the brand so popular among the fashion world. It also makes these products perfect for birthdays etc. too, as you can get one piece of the set for each birthday, until they have them all!

Pictured above, from left to right are the OBJ16CLB03, OBJ16MBB04 and OBJAMB78!

Olivia Burton Jewellery

What’s great about Olivia Burton jewellery, other than being able to pair everything together is the fantastic price. With prices between £40 – £50 for a set of earrings, it is hard to go wrong!

Earrings can often go unnoticed, but with Olivia Burton, they are sure to stand out! Fantastic choices of silver, gold or rose gold coloured designs mean that you are sure to find something to match your outfit, and the addition of different gems and pearls adds a splash of fun and class all in one!

Above we have the OBJ16MBE07 on the left, and the OBJSCE05 on the right!

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