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MTG Limited Edition Rainbow G-Shock

MTG Limited Edition

In the last week or two we have shown you a few different new releases from the Casio G-Shock range. None from the MTG collection however. We have looked at the Vintage Hawaii, and the Carbon Core Guard so far! So, this time, we’re going to look at something a bit different, in the form of this MTG Limited Edition. The MTG is built to be solid, built to last, and built for strength. This latest edition, the MTG-B1000RB is finished with unique rainbow ion plating, and commemorates the 20th anniversary of the MT-G. The MTG series is known for combining metal and resin in it’s construction to gain the best properties of both.

The Rainbow MTG Limited Edition

The MT-G series was first released in November 1999, and has become a mainstay in the world of G-Shock watches. The series was founded on the concept of combining metal and resin together to create a more durable, strong piece. This newest limited edition is a special model, that has been released to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the series. To mark such a landmark, G-Shock have given the watch a vivid rainbow bezel, which reflects a ‘lunar rainbow’ in different light! Lunar Rainbow is a rainbow produced by moonlight rather than sunlight! Lunar rainbows are extremely faint, and the colors are difficult to identify with the naked eye. This is one of the most treasured and mysterious weather events.

The base model, is the MTG-B1000, which was a hugely popular model for ourselves, which has now even sold out! This model brought toughness in a compact case by employing a Core Guard Structure that links the bezel and back cover with planar parts. This Core Guard Structure provided the watch with a tough metal frame to protect the inner case from external shocks. This is then supported by the pieces sapphire crystal glass too, offering an increase in scratch resistance, and longevity. The metal portions of the watch have been polished, and treated with a hairline finish, for a refined,smart look. The B1000 also features a soft urethane band for improved comfort and wearability. This band is attached to the case using durable fine resin and metal parts for optimum strength.

As a limited edition watch, this model will also arrive in special packaging too. Just like the case. The packaging is also finished in the same rainbow ion look!

MTG Limited Edition

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