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Bruno Söhnle Bauhaus Design – 100 Years

Bruno Sohnle Bauhaus

Bruno Söhnle watches are crafted in the town of Glashütte, which is the German equivalent of Geneva. Located in the Saxony region the town had built its reputation as a watchmaking centre prior to WWII. However, as part of East Germany, and under the control of Russia, the industry almost disappeared after 1945. Following the monumental removal of the Berlin Wall and German reunification in 1989 however, the industry sprang back into life. This growth and success following on from this historic moment has meant that there are currently 11 brands based in the town. The Bruno Söhnle Bauhaus style has always been, and even more so now, and extremely popular style within the region.

Watches produced in the area are heavily influenced by the Bauhaus School of Design, a genre which celebrates the centenary of its creation in 2019. The school had been in operation between 1919 and 1933. Bauhaus design can be instantly recognizable, and is used in many different areas of design and production around the world. The hallmarks of Bauhaus styling are mass market designs with clean minimalist looks and bold primary colours. This is why the style works so perfectly with classic German watchmaking, and why Bruno Söhnle Bauhaus pieces have become so popular today.

There is definitely a strong trend in current watch design, often seen in many of the fashionable brands today. this trend sees watchmakers produce pieces with an uncluttered and minimalist look. There is nothing wrong with this style of watch at all, and we have a number of pieces similar to these on the site now! These fashion brands are able to produce some fantastic looking watches at an unbeatable price point! However, what makes Bruno Söhnle stand out when it comes to a more luxury option is the quality and reliability of each timepiece. Each watch is produced to a certain standard, with specifications to meet in every step in the process.

Bruno Söhnle Bauhaus

The Bauhaus influence can be seen in the brands designs which reflect the desire for minimalist styling. They achieve this by using slightly larger dials and narrow bezels to change the balance of the way the watches look. To do this, most of the bezels screw onto the case front as opposed to heavier snap-on versions to give the extra strength required. They pair this style bold, contrasting colours too, in a smart, refined way of course, with many bright whites, and dark browns to balance every design. Many watches also use offset or panoramic date apertures and re-positioned sub seconds dials, a feature which is a particular design cue for Glashütte made watches.

Bruno Söhnle Describe themselves as the Volkswagen of the watch industry, and produce 50,000 watches per year. The whole brand takes great pride in producing the most accessibly priced watches from Glashütte whilst staying faithful to the traditions of the area. Their number one priority is always producing the best timepiece possible.

Still independent and in the hands of the original family, the brand offer a well made product at prices from £400 giving the customer the opportunity to explore German watchmaking at a sensible price. To take a closer look at our range of Bruno Söhnle watches, all you need to do is click here! And if you have any queries or questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch, at

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