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The Casio G-Shock Carbon Core Guard.

G-Shock Carbon Core Guard

G-Shock produce a fantastic range of sports utility watches, perfect for a whole range of activities! These watches can range from purely fashion, to extreme adventure watches! With such a diverse range we get sto see completely new and unique products, such as the Vintage Hawaii Limited Edition, or the Rangeman GPS! These watches are just a couple of the fantastic pieces produced by the G-Shock brand. The latest of which is the new G-Shock Carbon Core Guard.

The great thing about G-Shock is their clear passion for what they do. We are constantly seeing new models, or new fun colours, making watches for people to enjoy! The watch we are looking at today comes from the utility side of the brand, yet still offers the same style and personality that we have come to expect from Casio watches.

The new G-Shock Carbon Core Guard utilizes brand new Carbon Core Guard structuring, as you can tell from the name! This is a dual, analogue and digital, display piece, which offers a new urban outdoor style, but with a sleeker look than the usual G-Shock timepieces. The all new GA-2000 series provides us all this, at an affordable price point too, at around the £120 mark.

The GA-2000 G-Shock Carbon Core Guard

This piece comes with a few new and exciting features. The first, and most notable is the carbon fiber-reinforced case. This elevates the robust nature of the watch hugely, meaning that you can take it anywhere, and do anything! It also comes with guard-less buttons and a front light button, which makes it much easier to use when you are out on an adventure, and have gloves on which may get in the way of pushing smaller covered buttons! The GA-2000 also comes with a double case back structure, and a range of colour options for the resin band.

Not only does this Carbon Core Guard give the watch added protection, but it’s main purpose is weight reduction. Just like on modern super cars and sports equipment, it helps to bring the overall weight of the finished article down. This reduces the weight to just 64 grams in fact, which is lighter than even the GA-100! To support it’s functionality further, the GA-2000 comes with a high contrast display, both analogue and digital, as well as 3D indexes too.

Another unique feature with the GA-2000 is that unlike other G-Shock watches, the bands can lay completely flat. This does not sound like much, but most other models have solid resin fixings, meaning that the watch can never be truly lay flat. The benefit of this is the ability to remove the strap, using their new quick release system, and swap to a different colour or style etc. With different Cordura fabric, resin, and Velcro bands available from Casio.

Overall, the Carbon Core Guard is smaller than the GA-100, with a case of 51.2 x 48.7 x 14.1 millimeters. other features that we have come to expect from a G-Shock are still present in this model, including 200-meter water resistance, shock resistance, world timer, stopwatch, countdown timer (24 hours), up to 5 alarms, hourly time signal, dual Super Illuminator LED lights, and estimated 3-year battery life.

G-Shock Carbon Core Guard

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