New G-Shock Vintage Hawaii Limited Editions!

G-Shock Vintage Hawaii

As we already know, Casio‘s G-Shock department are always producing new collaborations and limited editions! The latest of these being the G-Shock x Everlast, and G-Shock x Ministry of Defense! The models we are looking at today are from the G-Shock Vintage Hawaii limited edition range. With these models being one off’s with extremely limited stock! We really love the exclusivity of these models, and think that it adds a great feeling of proudness when wearing one of these watches!

These new models from the G-Shock line have been released to target the world’s top surfers and extreme sports athletes. It is clear to see why this model is going to be a favorite among these communities too! The base model of the watch is the GLX-5600, which is a thin, compact design, which offers a comfortable fit. This is perfect, as it can be worn whilst surfing, or doing sports, and it wont get in the way, or catch on anything. The lightweight nature of this watch, and it’s 200m water resistance means that it can go everywhere you do, and you have nothing to worry about with it by your side!

The styling of these watches has been modeled on a 90’s surf fashion look. The purposely faded base colours are offset by bold, striking face colours, which brings a whole new style to the G-Lide lineup. The faces of both models are decorated with new and unique patterns. With surfboard silhouettes making them stand out as part of the G-Shock Vintage Hawaii collection!

We have seen two different styles so far, one bright pink, with a baby blue dial, the GLX-5600VH-4ER. then we also have the GLX-5600VH-1ER, which is a grey colour, with different shades of grey and turquoise for the dial! Both of these designs have been perfectly balanced to fit in with life at the beach, or on the town! A watch that can be worn whatever it is you’re doing!

G-Shock Vintage Hawaii

The G-Shock Vintage Hawaii Tide Graph

The G-Shock Vintage Hawaii has a few different cool features that standard G-Shock watches may not come with. One of these is the tide graph. As we know, the tide is the periodic rise and fall of water in oceans. The cause of this is the gravitation between the Earth, moon and sun, and it occurs approximately ever six hours. The G-Shock’s tide graph will show the wearer the movement of the tides based on the course of the moon over a meridian and the lunitidal interval.

This means that the watch will display the low and high tide phases for any given location or date. This is extremely useful for those in to surfing or water sports, as it will show you the patterns of the tides at any destination in advance. This will allow for greater planning, and will help you to get the most out of your trip!

The G-Shock Moon Phase Graph

As we said, the tides are hugely connected to the moon, which can also be tracked through this watch. During the moon’s 29.53 day cycle, it will appear to become larger or smaller, depending on it’s position, relative to the earth and sun. The larger the angle between the moon and the sun*, the more of the moon we see illuminated.

The G-Shock will calculate, and display the moon’s current epoch, starting at day zero of the lunar cycle. This watch will only use integer values for this calculation, meaning no fractional calculations, so there is a slight margin of error for this, to ±1 day. Despite this small margin of error, the moon phase display is still extremely useful, and a great function to have on your watch!

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