The Casio G-Shock Hot Rock Sound Series

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Casio, and the G-Shock brand are always pushing the boundaries, and having fun. Their main aim is to make people smile, and to produce timepieces that people want to talk about and own. This has been seen so many times before with many different models. Examples of this would be the G-Shock Vintage Hawaii Limited Edition, or the 20th anniversary Rainbow MTG Limited Edition! Both of these models, as well as most G-Shocks make wearing a watch about more than just telling the time. The next model we are going to look at, the G-Shock Hot Rock Sound Series does exactly the same again! With a completely different style and design, this series is still instantly recognizable as a Casio watch!

These watches are perfect for the spring and summer months, and have specifically been designed with music festivals and beach parties in mind. They have been created with a fun, and vibrant theme, something to wear on a sunny day and enjoy! Summer is a special time, and G-Shock wanted to celebrate that, so the Hot Rock Sounds Series, based on the concept of rock music, has been introduced. The design is actually inspired by the effects pedals for electric guitars, quite a niche inspiration, but one that music fans will love!

Hot Rock Sound Series

The base model for this Hot Rock Sound Series is the DW-5900. The reason for choosing this particular model is because G-Shock are “Returning To The Origin” making this a 35th Anniversary model. The DW-5900 itself was actually first launched back in 1992 and is also known by the name “Three-Eye” and “Walter” (John Goodman’s character wore it in “The Big Lebowski”).

This is a fantastic model, that is of very limited quantity. Perfect for summer and festival season! This is not yet available on our site, but please feel free to contact us for any further details!

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