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Ministry of Defense G-Shock In 2020

A Ministry of Defense G-Shock collaboration has been announced, and is set for release in early 2020

The Ministry of Defense G-Shock collaboration is the latest to come out of Casio’s G-Shock division, following on from the previous Gorillaz collection, the Seven Lucky Gods series, and the 18k Pure gold G-Shock!

The G-Shock has been a hugely popular watch with military personnel and people in similar fields for many years now, due to the level of toughness, reliability and functionality that they offer. G-Shock tend to steer clear of collaborations like this, creating limited edition watches in partnership with the armed forces, however it seems that this upcoming collaboration has been an exception for this, which just makes it that bit more exciting!

At the start of 2020, around March time, we are expecting to see three brand new Master of G timepieces as we have recently been informed that a partnership between the Ministry of Defense and Casio was brokered by IMG, with each individual watch being inspired and targeted towards the Royal Navy, Royal Air Force, and the British Army.

“Casio’s G-Shock watches are built to last and resist the elements, which are qualities that are strongly aligned with the Ministry of Defence. Working with them, we are confident that the unique identities and attributes of each of the three services will be perfectly captured in this new collection. This is a very exciting collaboration, and we are looking forward to the watches launching next year.” – Tim Smith, senior licensing director at IMG

Some of the most popular models from the Master of G series which have been tipped to feature in this Ministry of Defence collaboration are the Frogman, Rangeman, Mudmaster and Gravitymaster, which all equate to one of the elements of land, air and sea, according to G-Central, who have speculated on what these new pieces could be modeled after.

We are hoping to find out more about this exciting collaboration over the next 10 months, and will be able to update you with stock information and more accurate release dates and images when available!

Jennifer Kelly, senior brand manager at Casio, commented on how she is excited about what the partnership can offer “We are thrilled to be working as an official partner to the Ministry of Defence. G-Shock is an unbreakable timepiece built from a ‘Never Give Up’ philosophy that makes us the perfectly equipped to support our servicemen and women both on and off-duty. We are already the watch of choice for many in the Armed Forces and look forward to strengthening our relationship further through this new partnership.”

Ministry of Defense G-Shock

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