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The Everlast G-Shock Collaboration

Everlast G-Shock

Casio are constantly teaming up with different brands and artists, like the Gorillaz, or Toshikazu Nozaka, for the Seven Lucky Gods Series. The latest collaboration to come out of the Japanese brand, is the Everlast G-Shock Limited Edition. Teaming up with legendary boxing brand Everlast to produce the new GBA-800EL-4A, Casio are giving this piece a custom look to suit the collaboration perfectly!

The watch is based on the Bluetooth-connected step-tracking G-Squad watch, which has then been updated with the traditional red, white and black colours of Everlast. A predominantly red case and strap hold the brands insignia, featured on the dial, lower band, and the stainless steel case-back too!

G-Shock have also included a special feature, so that when the LED light is activated, the words ‘Choice of Champions’ appears in the LCD screen! the watch will also arrive in exclusive, collaborative packaging, again featuring the brand colours.

Everlast Boxing

Everlast are most definitely one of the most well known and popular brands associated to the world of boxing. The brand began in 1910, and has grown to become the world’s leading manufacturer, marketer and licensor of boxing, MMA and fitness equipment.

Everlast has been the brand of choice for many past and present superstars, including Deontay Wilder, Canelo Alvarez, Benson Henderson, and legends like Jack Dempsey and Sugar Ray Robinson. Everlast have built their legacy and reputation on the disciplines of strength, dedication, individuality and authenticity.

Based in Manhattan, Everlast now have a reach across more than 75 countries and 6 continents.

The Everlast G-Shock

The base model, the GBA-800, was chosen as the starting point for this collaboration due to it’s sporty style, and fitness features. These include things like a pedometer (with daily step tracking), up to 5 individual interval training timers, a stopwatch, as well as target time and lap record memory too!


Data recorded through step tracking can be sent automatically, or manually, to your smartphone, via an app, which will display all the relevant information, regarding calories, burned, and progress towards step targets too. This app allows you to get an in-depth analysis of your workouts, and your daily activities, supporting your journey to becoming a better version of yourself, an idea that Everlast also promote.

Smartphone GPS allows the app to show you precise map locations or where you have taken your steps, and where the most calories will have been burnt, helping you to plan and record your routes. This is supported by the timekeeping capabilities of the watch too.

With it’s bluetooth connectivity, the GBA-800 is able to provide you with functions like automatic time adjustment, world time for around 300 different cities, and time swapping.

Features Overview;

  • 200m Water Resistant
  • Alarm Function
  • Auto Calendar
  • 2 Year Battery Life
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Countdown Timer
  • Day & Date Display
  • Dual Time Function
  • Hand Shift Function
  • Display Illumination
  • Lap Memory
  • Step Counter
  • Stopwatch Function
  • Target Time Indicator
  • Low Temp Resistance
  • Magnetic Resistance
  • Shock Resistant
  • Mute Function
  • Neobrite Hand Coating
  • Triple G Resist
  • Vibration Resistance
  • World Timer

This watch is available right now! Click here to head to the site for a closer look!

Everlast G-Shock

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