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The G-Shock Daikokuten Limited Edition

G-Shock Daikokuten

The Seven Lucky God’s G-Shock Daikokuten Limited Edition

The G-Shock Daikokuten is the next timepiece in the G-Shock Seven Lucky Gods Series. This piece is based on the popular GX-56, which was a model for which the goal was to be even more resilient against shocks coming from any and all directions. The watch arrive with G-Shock’s shock-resistant construction that uses a dual-layer urethane bezel and an inner protector, which helps to provide the added resistance and protect all the inner workings from damage. The G-Shock Daikokuten’s colours represent the strength of Daikokuten, one of the seven lucky gods, with black as the primary colour, which is then accented by khaki. The silicone band displays images of a magic hammer and a mouse, while three small oval-shaped Japanese coins appear on the watch strap keeper to represent this god of treasure and fortune. When the EL backlight is activated, an “O”, the fifth element of “G-Shock”, will promptly appear in the display. Completing the full set of the Seven Lucky Gods G-SHOCK will allow you to create all of the letters and the hyphen in “G-Shock”, a nice touch for those dedicated to collecting!

Daikokuten is called a Shiva incarnation of Hinduism, and made a syncretic fusion of Shintoism and Buddhism with Ohkuninushi-no-Mikoto in Edo era. He has a big bag on his back, a mallet of luck in his hand and put a hood on, and such his style is generally well known. He has faith widely as the God of fertility who holds the earth and foods.

G-Shock Daikokuten 1

The Casio G-Shock brand are always thinking up new and creative ideas for ways of innovating and pushing the limits and boundaries of timekeeping toughness since 1983. They are now pleased to announce the next watch in their fantastic SHICHI-FUKU-JIN (Seven Lucky Gods) Series, the Daikokuten Limited Edition!

The use of the different black and khaki colours, along with gold coin design brings this G-Shock together, perfectly suiting the watch to Daikokuten, with the help of the creative mind of Toshikazu Nozaka. A solid, round case, with the triple display allows for enhanced readability and the resin band offers a comfortable wear. As per the G-Shock ideology, this model has been made for the extremes, created to withstand depths of up to 200m!

Find the other 6 models from the The Seven Lucky Gods here: Ebisu, Hotei, Benzaiten, Bishamonten, Jurojin, and Fukurokuju!

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