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G-Shock Bishamonten Limited Edition!

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The Seven Lucky God’s G-Shock Bishamonten Limited Edition

The next timepiece in the G-Shock Seven Lucky Gods Series is the G-Shock Bishamonten watch, which is based on G-Shock’s DW-6900 model, one of Casio’s standard digital models whose defining characteristic is a third indicator display. The design of this DW-6900 uses a clear, translucent dark gray as the base colour, on top of which rose gold accents are added for a more intricate detailing touch! The overall design has been imagined to be one of good luck, with the watch strap keeper being decorated with a treasure box carried by the lucky god Bishamonten and with the band featuring an armor and helmet design. When the EL backlight is activated, a “H”, the fourth element of “G-Shock”, will promptly appear in the display. Completing the full set of the Seven Lucky Gods G-SHOCK will allow you to create all of the letters and the hyphen in “G-Shock”, a nice touch for those dedicated to collecting!

Bishamonten is only the general appearance of the Seven Deities of Good Fortune. He was actually first the God set with the task of guarding the Northern part of India. He also goes by the name “Tamonten” who is a God of the Four Devas protecting Buddhism and listening to a sermon largely. As the God who presides treasures, riches and honors with a treasure bar in his right hand and a treasured pagoda in his left hand, he has faith regardless of the priests and laymen.

G-Shock Bishamonten

The Casio G-Shock sub-division are constantly looking at ways of innovating and creating, pushing the limits and boundaries of timekeeping toughness since 1983. They are now pleased to announce the next watch in their fantastic SHICHI-FUKU-JIN (Seven Lucky Gods) Series, the Bishamonten Limited Edition!

The use of the different black and grey colours, along with a rose gold accent brings this G-Shock together, perfectly suiting the watch to Bishamonten, with the help of the creative mind of Toshikazu Nozaka. A solid, round case, with the triple display allows for enhanced readability and the resin band offers a comfortable wear. As per the G-Shock ideology, this model has been made for the extremes, created to withstand depths of up to 200m!

Find the other 6 models from the The Seven Lucky Gods here: Ebisu, Hotei, BenzaitenDaikokuten, Jurojin, and Fukurokuju!

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