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The G-Shock Benzaiten Limited Edition

G-Shock Benzaiten

The Seven Lucky God’s G-Shock Benzaiten Limited Edition

The second piece in the G-Shock Seven Lucky Gods Series is the G-Shock Benzaiten, which is based on the popular BGD-560 Baby-G watch, which offers a more squared design in a reproduction of the original. In addition to this pieces evoking pink colour, the strap also features original drawings on the strap and case, which depict Benzaiten’s biwa (a type of Japanese lute), which represents the blessing of music, precious jewels that represent wealth and fortune, and coral which acts as a symbol of the god of water. When the EL backlight is activated, a “-”, the second element of “G-Shock”, will promptly appear in the display. Completing the full set of the Seven Lucky Gods G-SHOCK will allow you to create all of the letters and the hyphen in “G-Shock”, a nice touch for those dedicated to collecting!

The G-Shock Benzaiten Limited Edition takes its’s inspiration from Benzaiten (Bensaiten). Benzaiten is the only Female God in the Seven Deities of Good Fortune. She was  originally though of as the Water God meaning of “The Saint River” and has also been believed as the God for music and arts. After that, the Kisshoten’s personality had been included, and not only music or art, but also thereafter she is respected as the God who brings the fortune and the treasure to the people.

G-Shock Benzaiten le

Casio‘s G-Shock sub-brand is always innovating and creating, pushing the limits and boundaries of timekeeping toughness since 1983. They are now pleased to announce the second watch in their new SHICHI-FUKU-JIN (Seven Lucky Gods) Series, the Benzaiten Limited Edition!

The use of the different hues of pink, along with a slight gold accent brings this Baby G together, perfectly suiting the watch to it’s inspiring God, with the help of the creative mind of Toshikazu Nozaka. A sleek, rectangular case allows for a comfortable wear, whilst a large digital screen enhances the readability of the display’s information. As per the G-Shock ideology, this model has been made for the extremes, created to withstand depths of up to 200m!

Find the other 6 models from the The Seven Lucky Gods here: Ebisu, Hotei, Bishamonten, Daikokuten, Jurojin, and Fukurokuju!

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