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The NEW Bulova Regatta Watch!

Bulova Regatta


The new Bulova Regatta watch, set for release this Autumn!

Bulova watch company have announced a brand new model for their range at Baselworld 2019. The Bulova Regatta was first introduced back in 1963 with the help of the vintage advert below! The new interpretation of this watch, over 50 years on, offers a tribute back to the original, replicating a similar style and shape, with a sleek, slim stainless steel case, a clean stylish dial and defined angular lugs. This model is expected to be released fall 19′.

Bulova Regatta

The brand new Bulova Regatta that has been announced at Baselworld is a slim, sleek watch with a style that offers a contemporary take on a beloved historic classic. This model features a fantastic open heartbeat aperture, which perfectly showcases the slim automatic heartbeat movement inside. This movement, and the way that you are able to look through in to it’s inner workings really pushes this model forward in to the category of luxury watches. We are yet to receive a confirmed selling price for this model, so we cannot say whether this reflects the same luxury styling or not, however we would expect this to be a very popular piece upon it’s release later on in the year.

Bulova Regatta

Being a reinterpretation of a classic heritage timepiece from Bulova, makes this a very historic and memorable piece. The balance between modern and innovation and staying true to the original has been developed and worked for a long time by Bulova in order to ensure the perfect balance for this piece. One way the design has been tweaked slightly, is the positioning of the crown, which has been moved away from it’s usual 3 o’clock position, with Bulova favoring their now distinctive 2 o’clock position, lightly higher up around the edge of the case.


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