Storm HY1 Connected Hybrid Watch

Storm HY1


Storm HY1 Connected Hybrid Watch

Storm London, a unique, design based brand operating with the intention to create products that continue to push the boundaries to ensure its customers are always excited by its new and original designs. They are now proud to announce their latest product, the Storm HY1 hybrid smartwatch. Fusing the latest design and the latest health and fitness technology, Storm are looking to challenge this ever growing marketplace with a design of their own.

The slate coloured piece has a traditional dial, which includes the technology side of things in a small smart LED screen in the lower portion of the face. The watch is compatible with all leading smartphones and connects through the LeClock app to track steps, calories, heart rate, and sleep.

In order to keep you on the move, the watch will send through an animation to the LED display, reminding you to keep active to meet your daily goals. The watch will also alert you to phone calls and texts, whilst the HY1 will vibrate display a symbol to indicate that the phone is out of reach.

These functions can however be changed and altered to suit your own needs using the LeClock smartphone app. And the watch only takes 90 minutes to fully charge, lasting for a few days before needing charging again. Expected to be released this month and retail at £119.99, this is one of the most competitively priced hybrid watches on the market, and offers so much for your money.

Some other smartwatches that also offer the sense of style and fashion along with the functionality, similar to the Storm HY1 are Diesels new collection;

HY1_DSC_0925 storm

Storm Watches

A fantastic new brand pushing design to its limits, and producing some of the most unique and exciting watches around. Click here to read all about this British watch brand. And if a Storm watch is something that interests you, you can find out Which Storm Watch is For You?  To shop these watches, or any other brand that we stock then visit our website; today to check out all of our latest deals and watches on offer!


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