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Diesel join the Smartwatch revolution!

Diesel touchscreen smartwatch 2018 banner

International clothing, jewellery and watch brand Diesel have released a range of seven smartwatches which stand out from the crowd. The new collection is designed to be bold, big and rebellious, an ethos that the brand has had since it was established. Diesel has always been keen fighting back against the norm to make sure they are seen and heard wherever possible with marketing slogans such as “Go with the Flaw” and “Only the Brave”.

Diesel have gathered some of the highest world class technology in order to create these one of a kind smartwatches that help their users stand out from the norm and “screams to the world that fading into the crowd is not an option”. It is definitely a smartwatch that stands out from the competition in more ways than one, firstly the design is exactly what you would expect from Diesel. Its robust, packed with features and has a futuristic aesthetic.

Secondly each watch in the range has a unique colour combination or colourisation either in the strap, bracelet, case, dial or glass. Wearers are also able to purchase additional straps separately, one of which you can’t get as standard on the watch so this further embraces their bold ethos and cocky attitude towards matchmaking. Diesel aren’t here to make friends they’re here to make their mark on the watch industry and show to the big names out there that they can compete with the best.

diesel touchscreen smartwatch 2018

The watch industry is definitely shifting into smartwatches at the moment with many brands releasing their own smartwatch, hybrid watch or Bluetooth connected watch including brands such as Casio, Movado, GuessGarmin and Suunto. Diesel are the latest brand to release smartwatches into their portfolio just after Tommy Hilfiger have released theirs too, the Apple watch is definitely the biggest competition when it comes to smartwatches and one most watch brands will be fighting to beat in features, functionality, design and price. A close second in popularity is probably Michael Kors who’s marketing strategy have taken the smartwatch market by storm especially with women.

Diesel had to look for something new whilst also keeping the brands image in mind, their smartwatches have a host of unique yet highly useful features that put them into a strong position in the smartwatch market. Their smartwatches have a customisable dial with a range of options which allow the wearer to modify their dial in hundreds of different ways, this makes the wearer to put their own style colour tastes and part of them into the watch. This allows them to build a timepiece that is 100% for them.

To further reinforce their watches customisation the brand have also packed the smartwatches with a range of unique dial effects which allow even more of the users personal taste to be added directly into their watches. One of these features includes a “smashed screen” visual enhancements which can be triggered when a notification is received as well as a host of never done before weather filters which change when the weather or climate changes.

Lets take a in-depth look at the watches, these feature packed watches have enough functions to make a grown mans eyes light up!

The watch has wireless charging which is is a very new feature that I have only seen on a Casio so far which still has to be clipped to a big chunky red connector so it will be interesting to see what the wireless charging on these watches is like. The watches also have wireless syncing so you can connect to your phone without any cables, it can receive smartphone notifications so you can read a preview or the full text from your friends or family. It also has an activity tracker which is almost becoming a standard addition to a smartwatch however it should not be overlooked as even though it might be an essential now it is a very useful feature to have and attracts a huge audience.

The watches also have touchscreen functionality which is something I have only seen on the higher price point or luxury brand smartwatches such as Movado, Tissot or Suunto. Its’s a great feature that makes using the smartwatch so much more interactive and easy. They also include an alarm clock so you don’t miss that meeting or job interview! If you’re on holiday or want to check the time abroad then you can with no hassle through the watches multiple time zone feature. There is also an LED flashlight in the watch to help you see in poor lighting or no lighting at all perfect when you wake up and night and need to get a drink.

Diesel touchscreen smartwatch 2018 banner

There is also a feature to allow you to control your music from the watch itself which is an amazing addition and partners well with the activity tracker as when you’re at the gym you usually want to listen to music but you don’t want to keep getting your phone out of your pocket to change the song. Problem solved.

You can download a lot more apps from third parties too easily and quickly through the Google PlayTM Store, not only this but you can also use the Google Assistant by holding the power button or saying “Ok Google”. This can be used to check the weather or setup a reminder or alarm when your hands are full. Other uses for this include getting directions, asking questions or even making a reservation at your favourite restaurant* (as long as the restaurant has online booking capabilities).

The watches case has a diameter of  48mm and a thickness of 12mm so perfectly hits that traditional big watch that we are use to from Diesel, It is IP67 water resistance which technically means that it is certified for 1m submersion for 30 minutes however please note that this is not a big thumbs up to go swimming with your watch. It is intended in case you shower with your watch by accident or jump in the pool before taking it off. It basically means that your watch has a greater chance of surviving not that it is now a diving watch.

The case material is made from a robust 316L stainless steel and is both brushed and polish finished in parts. The case colour is a Gunmetal grey, and it is secured to your wrist either by a buckle for the leather strap versions or a deployment clasp for the metal bracelet variants. Now for the important bit, the watch is compatible with Android OS 4.3 or higher, iOS 9 and above.

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