Taking The World By Storm

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First Class Watches now stock Storm. The British brand focus on statement designs and trend led products, with their unique designs breaking convention and pushing boundaries constantly. The highly original pieces have often be listed as architectural, being created from a whole range of materials. Renowned for its stand out watches, and distinctive aesthetic, Storm watches are now available to buy at First Class Watches, which we are very excited about. Now sold in over 45 countries, since their launch in 1989, Storm have grown tremendously, and are the leading British fashion watch brand on the market today.

Formed in London, 1989, they have focused on becoming the best. Specialising in innovative watch design, they have further pushed themselves, and now also work in jewellery, bags eye wear, clothing, and most recently they have branched out into perfume for him and her.

The PhilosophyThe brand believes in the cult of individualism. From stylish sports to bold fashion statements, the range combines unique features and gadgets with a wide range of colours and shapes.
Storm continually seeks stimulation for new challenges in design. The team of dedicated designers take inspiration from the world around them, combining unconventional materials together with precision instrumentation.

Eye of The Storm

Moving forward the brand are looking to develop their innovative designs even further, creating more unique designs, and growing more and more popular. They are looking to provide accessory individualization whilst challenging consumer expectations, to further grow and prosper. And after appearing at Baselworld 2018 they have made huge footsteps in achieving these goals.

With these watches now being available at First Class Watches, we are looking to take the brand and show our own customer base a new style, and a new option to chose from. Unlike any other brand, they are truly unique, eye catching time pieces that we are very excited to be stocking. For more information on these products, or any watches on our site, please contact us at


HY1_DSC_1079 Storm
Storm have now also released the HY1 connected hybrid smartwatch, a fantastic new model, which is going to compete in the ever growing market of smartwatches, but at a great price of £119.99.

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