Junghans’ Force Mega Solar Watches

Junghans’ Force Mega Solar Watches

At the end of July, Junghans announced the release of their newest solar models. Driven by the desire for freedom and an unrestricted lifestyle, Junghans’ Force Mega Solar watches have a distinctly futuristic design. Low-maintenance is the main driving force behind the creation of this model. With the implication of durable materials and high-tech innovative technologies, Junghans’ newest watch is a modern masterpiece.

Junghans’ Force Mega Solar Watches

The models are made of long-lasting and incredibly high-wearing materials. The case measures at 40.4 mm in diameter and has a thickness of 8.2 mm. To ensure the watch’s robustness, the case is made of polished ceramic and a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal protects the dial. The Force Mega Solar model comes in three variations, each with a different coloured synthetic rubber strap, indices and hands which correspond to the colour of the strap. Only the indices and hands on the black strapped model contrast the rest of the design in a luminescent white. The colours the straps come in are black, a muted army green or a muted brown. Securing the strap is a PVD coated titanium buckle. What gives the watch its ultra-modern look is the minimalist dial. Made of glass solar cells, the dial is contrasted by thick indices and stick hands. The hands and indices are filled with an environmentally friendly luminescent substance.

green strap

The movement featured on the watch is a solar-powered multi-frequency and radio-controlled. Since the invention of the radio-controlled solar watch in 1993, Junghans has implemented a system in their solar watches which removes the need for them to be set or changed. The calibre in the watch is J615.84. It has an impressive power reserve of up to 21 months due to the timepiece’s innovative power-saving sleep mode which activated after 72 hours of the watch not being exposed to sunlight. Features on the model include a date aperture at 6 o’clock. The model is also able to connect to Junghans’ MEGA app, for a more convenient time setting when traversing the globe. Due to the radio-controlled movement the watch also seamlessly switches between daylight savings time and has a perpetual calendar.

This state of the art timepiece offers a much greener alternative to modern quartz watches with the same level of accuracy and precision. Its urban resilient design makes Junghans’ Force Mega Solar watches the ideal companion for those who lead a busy active lifestyle and those who truly value their time.

If you’re interested in purchasing any of the Force Mega Solar models you can do so here for the model with the black strap, here for the green strapped model and here for the brown strapped model. 

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