Watches With Crystal Dials

Watches With Crystal Dials

Over the past year, we have seen a wide variety of new styles hit the watch market. Some were predicted at the start of the year with watch trends such as all-blue timepieces, whereas other styles have emerged throughout the last few months. Some of the most popular trends we have seen include marble dials, celestial-inspired watches and jewellery and watches with crystal set dials. For those looking for a new accessory to help them shine on a daily basis, here are our recommendations on the latest watches with crystal set dials.

Missguided | Ladies Watch | White Leather Strap Gold Case

Watches With Crystal Dials

Missguided is a brand that is well known for keeping up with the latest trends, their collection of watches are no exception to this reputation. If you are looking for a simple yet sophisticated watch, this watch might be for you. It features a white strap combined with a gold case and crystal-set bezel. The highlight of this watch is the all crystal set dial which is perfect for those looking to add a bit of sparkle to their everyday attire.

Guess | Women’s Crush | Black Rubber Strap | Crystal Set Dial

Guess black and blue

This is a charming and unique watch, crafted by Guess. It styles a black rubber strap with a bold grey case and a mesmerising blue gradient crystal dial. If you like making a fashion statement with your accessories then this is the model we would recommend. For a look that really stands out, we would suggest styling this timepiece with either black or grey accessories.

Festina Ladies Watch With Swarovski Crystals Mesh Bracelet

Watches With Crystal Dials

The dial of this watch emulates the night sky with a black and white crystal set dial. If you want an accessory to help your shine on a daily basis with a more subtle design, then this is the watch we would recommend. The simple theme is complemented by a silver stainless steel strap which is a popular mesh design. For a coordinated and sophisticated look, we would suggest styling this watch with other silver accessories.

Timex Women’s Blue Leather Watch With Swarovski Crystals

Watches With Crystal Dials

This watch not only comes with an on-trend crystal set dial, but it also comes in all-blue which is another watch trend for 2019. The dark blue strap compliments the blue crystals in the centre of the dial. Navy blue is a colour that allures elegance and sophistication, therefore, this model would make a great accessory to a working woman.

Rotary Kensington Pave Steel Quartz Watch

rotary silver blue hands

Rotary is well known for their classic and intricate designs and this timepiece is no exception. It comes in a subtle silver stainless steel which has been beautifully combined with clear crystals within the dial. The bracelet style strap would be well styled with other silver jewellery, also adorned with clear crystals. If you are searching for luxury on a budget then this sparkling timepiece might be the one for you.

What are your thoughts on watches with crystal set dials? Let us know your favourite model in the comments below!

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