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Bridal Jewellery With ChloBo

Bridal Jewellery With ChloBo

Your wedding day is one that you will remember for the rest of your life. Therefore, it is important that everything is your idea of perfect. There is a long list of details to check such as the dress, venue, decor, bridesmaid’s attire but there are also smaller details which can make a huge difference. One of those details is bridal jewellery. The type of jewellery that you choose will be influenced by your overall theme, the season in which your wedding takes place as well as yours and your bridesmaid’s dresses.

We stock a wide range of jewellery brands that would make beautiful bridal accessories, however, within this blog we will be focusing on the vast collection of ChloBo. ChloBo is an accessory brand that began back in 2005. The founder, Chloe Moss was influenced to make jewellery pieces based on her travels all over the globe, specifically Bali. The jewellery collections created by ChloBo are unique within the jewellery market, each piece they design presenting an elegant, contemporary and somewhat bohemian style. If you are looking for jewellery to wear on your special day, then here are our recommendations on bridal jewellery with ChloBo.

Bohemian Vibes For A Wedding Abroad

Rose gold is an understated colour which is suited to those that are striving for understated glamour and romantic elegance. This gorgeous soul set is perfect for a bride looking for something a little different for their wedding. If you are planning to elope or have a wedding abroad in a warm setting, the rose gold tones will complement the setting for both warm and cool wedding scenes. The chain of the necklace and bracelet features textured beading which would combine beautifully with a set of simple rose gold studs.

Bridal Jewellery With ChloBo

A Traditional Wedding in the Country

Traditional Wedding

Jewellery is a great way to express yourself. What better way to express your love on this special day with heart-themed accessories? This bracelet features a noodle style chain and an interlocking heart charm, a beautiful symbol of love. Silver is one of the best colours to wear for your wedding as it can be combined with a wide range of different themes, including the more traditional country weddings.

Bridal Jewellery With ChloBo

The simplicity of this bracelet would be well combined with these gorgeous yet simple silver heart earrings. If you plan on wearing your hair in an updo, these earrings will draw attention to your features with an overall understated elegance.

silver heart earrings

Vintage Wedding with Classic Tones

Vintage Wedding

If you are looking for something a little different that still has a classical feel then we would recommend this beautiful silver hummingbird necklace. The chain of this necklace is simple with a beading detail which would look gorgeous combined with a pair of simple silver stud earrings. The main feature of this necklace is, of course, the hummingbird charm which is unique yet still has an elegant flair suited to a wedding setting.

Silver Hummingbird Necklace

For an overall coordinated look, we have picked out the matching silver hummingbird bracelet. It comes with the same beading style and hummingbird charm in shimmering sterling silver. This combination is simple enough not to take away from your overall wedding attire but has enough detail to add an elegant touch to your special day.

Bridal Jewellery With ChloBo

What are your thoughts on bridal jewellery with ChloBo? Let us know in the comments below! If you are going to a wedding in the near future and are looking for new accessories for the day take a look at our blog post on jewellery for wedding guests or alternatively watches for wedding guests!

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