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Jewellery Trends 2019: Celestial Inspired Jewellery

Celestial Inspired Jewellery

We have been inspired by the lights in the sky for centuries. Horoscopes and star signs have been prevalent within the fashion industry for decades even though the belief of star signs is debated. Along with the rise in popularity of this trend, especially in 2019, we are starting to see more and more jewellery companies create celestial inspired jewellery from high fashion brands such as Tommy Hilfiger to jewellery and accessory specialist brands such as ChloBo.

You may have already come across some of the celestial inspired jewellery that we sell on our website. However, if you are still searching for jewellery that represents the night sky for your wardrobe then here is a guide on the latest jewellery trend this 2019, celestial inspired jewellery.

ChloBo Jewellery Rose And Silver Wishful Soul Star Bracelet

Celestial Inspired Jewellery

For those that are not only looking for a celestial piece to add to their jewellery box but an adaptable piece of jewellery, then this may be just for you. This bracelet comes in a gorgeous combination of rose gold and silver, meaning that it can be styled with jewellery of both colours. The main feature of this bracelet crafted by iconic jewellery brand ChloBo is the sun charm that is both simplistic and stylish. This bracelet can be worn on its own or for a bold and glamorous look can be combined with other celestial inspired jewellery pieces from ChloBo’s vast collection.

Radley Jewellery Silver Heart, Moon And Star Charm Necklace

Celestial Inspired Jewellery

Much to many peoples surprise, Radley is not only a brand that makes gorgeous bags and timepieces. Their collection extends to jewellery and we are recommending their moon and star silver necklace. This piece of jewellery is certainly one that will catch the eye with it’s attention to detail and varied design. A necklace is a powerful weapon in any woman’s jewellery box as it has the power to change the feel of an entire outfit. This necklace crafted by Radley is no exception in having the power to change an everyday look into a formal look.

Tommy Hilfiger Jewellery Women’s Star Stone Stud Earrings

Tommy HIlfiger Earrings

Earrings are usually the first thing that people notice about you as it draws attention to your face, especially your eyes. If you aren’t feeling your best, putting on a pair of earrings can make you feel light and feminine which is why we are recommending these star stud earrings designed by Tommy Hilfiger. These earrings are simple yet stylish, featuring a crystal in the centre of the star for an added sparkle to your overall attire. For a look that really stands out, we would suggest styling these earrings with other star accessories.

Olivia Burton Jewellery | Celestial Star | Gold | Chain Bracelet

Celestial Inspired Jewellery

If you read our blog regularly then you may already be aware that we are now an official stockist of Olivia Burton watches and jewellery. Olivia Burton is another fashionable accessory brand that has brought out several jewellery pieces and watches in the celestial style. This golden star bracelet allures a vintage style which would be beautifully combined with overall vintage attire. For a coordinated look, we would suggest wearing this bracelet with other golden accessories for a style that stands out.

Thomas Sabo Jewellery Turquoise Star Sterling Silver Charm

Star charm Thomas Sabo

Thomas Sabo has a vast charm collection which stems from their generation charm club collection that is iconic to the brand. If you have an existing Thomas Sabo bracelet or are looking to add one to your jewellery watch then this is the charm we would recommend to you. It is a simple charm with a colourful twist of turquoise. If you enjoy the colour combination of turquoise and silver then we would recommend combining this charm with those colours in the form of accessories for a look that pops.

If you like the look of Thomas Sabo’s charm collection you can view the entire collection here.

Thomas Sabo Jewellery 925 Sterling Silver ‘Stars’ Zirconia White Ring

Zirconia White Ring

If you are up to date with the latest fashion and jewellery news then you may have already heard that Thomas Sabo has recently released a new jewellery range with their brand ambassador, Rita Ora. This new collection also features some jewellery items in line with the celestial inspired jewellery trend such as this Zirconia white ring. We would recommend pairing this bold, statement ring with other pieces from their collection for a look that really stands out.

What are your thoughts on celestial inspired jewellery as one of the jewellery trends for 2019? Let us know in the comments below!

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