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As an authorized Rado watches UK retailer, we have access to a fantastic range of watches, which are available both online and in-store. Rado, the ‘Masters of Materials‘ look to combine innovation with classic Swiss watchmaking. Ever since the brand began, back in 1917, Rado have been turning visions in to realities. From high-tech ceramic to high-tech diamond, Rado have gone from one breakthrough to the next, all of which have been used to produce the best timepieces possible. The brand is proud of it’s heritage, in both innovation and design, as they continue to introduce the unexpected into Swiss watchmaking.

Rado have a number of different collections, some new, and some based on classic models from years gone by. All are extremely popular, and each collection has it’s very own target market. From luxury, diamond-set dress watches, to technical Swiss complications, Rado has something for everyone. Watches that are perfect for sports fans, watchmaking enthusiasts and everyone in-between!

Within each collection, there are still a fantastic range of different styles, sizes, and designs, making sure that you will be able to find the perfect timepiece for you. This outstanding design, and use of materials not only produces fantastic watches to wear, but it has also earned Rado a number of awards too!

Their unique approach to industrial design is something that has been recognized all over the world, with more than 35 international design awards so far! Many of these award-winning timepieces are available throughout the Rado range, and can still be purchased now!

Not only have Rado been on the receiving end of numerous prestigious design awards, but they also work very closely with leading designers on the creation of new timepieces. Rado also run worldwide ‘Rado Star Prize‘ competitions for up and coming young designer, who compete to win the change to work with the brand. Design is, and always has been a cornerstone for many of Rado’s groundbreaking timepieces, and it’s also a part of the brands DNA.

Continue reading to take a look at a brief overview of what is available from Rado. There is at least 10 different collections available from Rado, with plenty of watches in each to choose from, so this will simply be an introduction to just a few of those collections! We will look at Rado watches for women, and Rado watches for Men, to ensure that there is something for everyone! You can view our full range of Rado watches here, with more models being added all of the time!

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Rado Hyperchrome Automatic Open Heart

R32021102 – £2380.00 – Shop Now

The sporty-chic Rado HyperChrome family is inspired by vintage Rado timepieces, and was launched in 2012. It began as the brands signature all day, any occasion timepiece. Since first being unveiled, the collection has grown, with now over 70 different styles available. A versatile collection, that can be worn with any outfits, at any event. A model that has been made to be as diverse as it’s wearer. Both quartz and automatic models are available, as well as a fantastic range of colours, sizes and designs too.

HyperChrome watches in Rado’s signature high-tech ceramic are the highlight in this collection. With it’s mono-block case, Rado have been able to create a watch that is not only beautiful, but also technologically advanced. The case has been created from a single sleek piece of injected ceramic, to replace and improve on the standard stainless steel core’d design that was previously required. The result of this is an innovative, groundbreaking timepiece. With extreme comfort on the wrist, extreme durability, and extreme beauty too.

Rado Watches UK 2

Rado DiaMaster Diamonds

R14064715 – £2100.00 – Shop Now

As a Rado watches UK Authorized Retailer, we get access to some of best watches available, including the DiaMaster Diamonds! This is a stylish and elegant interpretation of Rado’s ultra-durable DiaMaster. This family of watches draws it’s inspiration from those classic and old-school watches that have provided us with simple beauty for so many years. This new face of Rado has a larger open dial, for easy readability, as well as space to hold those fantastic diamond details. This DiaMaster range has benefited from a complete redesign, creating a delightfully diverse collection of pieces, including the DiaMaster Diamonds, as well as more masculine models, chronographs and diamond studded bijous too.

This is the most dazzling collection of watches from Rado, with a fantastic array of dial designs and materials. Masterfully crafted elements combine to produce a piece of art, formed from materials such as high-tech ceramic, leather, or carbon-diffused steel. The Rado DiaMaster ensures that time is always on your side.

Rado Watches UK 3

Rado True Thinline

R27955122 – £1845.00 – Shop Now

The True Thinline is a ‘true’ innovation, being the thinnest ceramic watch that Rado has ever produced. A case size of only 4.9 millimeters is definitely an impressive feat! A marvel on engineering, the True Thinline was first introduced in 2011, and has been extremely popular ever since. We are still seeing new and exciting versions of this watch released today! It’s elegant simplicity is powered by a movement that measures at only 1mm! An elegant and delicate watch, yes, but these models still boast the same durability and scratch resistance that you can expect from other high-tech ceramic models.

This monobloc ceramic case is the result of years of research, and has provided a fantastic result. Again, this model requires no stainless steel core, as part of the never before seen case construction that Rado have become renowned for.

Rado Watches UK 4

Rado Centrix

R30555103 – £805.00 – Shop Now

The Centrix is one of, if not the most popular collections from Rado. This is made up of a versatile range of watches in different styles, sizes and materials. These variations and different colour combinations make sure that there is a Centrix watch to suit all tastes. Rado’s signature sapphire crystal adds a desirable scratch-resistant shine to each model, making them perfect for all areas of life.

The shape and style of the Centrix makes the watch unique, and desirable. A lightweight, tapered bracelet allows for a comfortable fit to the wrist, ensuring comfort throughout the day, as well as uncompromising luxury and sophistication.

integral diamonds

Rado Integral Diamonds High-Tech Ceramic

R20845712 – £1845.00 – Shop Now

The Integral was first produced in 1986, and was the first ever Rado watch to utilize high-tech ceramic. This range has only grown in popularity throughout the years, which is why, as a Rado watches UK official dealer, we have such a fantastic range of Integral watches in stock now!

A truly revolutionary timepiece for the watchmaking industry as a whole, this model fuses the finesse of high technology with the purity of graphic linearity. The Integral seamlessly integrates a metallised sapphire crystal, case and bracelet within it’s parallel lines to produce an iconic look. The Integral has been recently redesigned, and also features models such as the integral diamonds, with a touch of added luxury!

HyperChrome chronograph

Rado XXL HyperChrome Chronograph

R32259203 – £1260.00 – Shop Now

We looked at one of the Rado HyperChrome watches to begin with, but to show the fantastic range of watches that we have available as a Rado watches UK stockist, we are going to quickly look at the XXL chronograph too! A versatile, and sport model, this chronograph watch offers a combination of functionality, with Swiss design to produce what has become one of their most popular silhouettes!

Available in a range of colours, this model is crafted from Rado’s signature high-tech ceramic, and offers another option within the HyperChrome range. The XXL HyperChrome chronograph provides the wearer with a level of comfort, ideal for everyday wear, whatever the task at hand!

Rado Watches UK Authorized Retailer

For more about Rado watches, make sure to keep up to date with our blog, and for more information on any models please get in touch at or speak to a member of our team on 01926 298499!

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