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Rado are a globally recognized brand, who are famous for it’s innovative design, and expert utilization of revolutionary materials. They have produced some of the best looking, and most durable watches around. Ever since the brand was founded in Lengnau, Switzerland, Rado have been a pioneer in watchmaking, and have stayed true to their philosophy of ‘if we can imagine it, we can make it’!

The brand have become known as the ‘Master of Materials’ thanks to its use of a fantastic range of different materials to create the best watches that they can. Creating watches that are durable, beautiful, and long lasting. Watches for life. Behind the scenes is a tradition of visionary research, with cutting-edge materials and technologies.

Take a look below at a quick overview of some of the most innovative and valuable materials used in the production of Rado watches.

High-Tech Ceramic

Innovative, enduring, hypoallergenic

High-tech ceramic is one of the most vital materials in the production of a large portion of Rado watches. It has been used for nearly three decades, and has played a huge part in the brand approach to watchmaking. The material provides a smooth and stylish surface, than can be either metallic, or matte, and can be crafted to be any colour too. High-Tech Ceramic offers a lightweight and hypoallergenic case and/or bracelet, making for a highly comfortable watch that can be worn by anyone with sensitive skin!

Rado Watches - Masters of Materials

Plasma High-Tech Ceramic

Modern alchemy

The result of Plasma High-Tech Ceramic is similar to that of High-Tech Ceramic alone, however it does have its own separate benefits too. This material is forged in an oven at extreme temperature to produce the desired result. Gases are activated at a huge 20,000°C, which transform finished white ceramic into a unique material with a whole new level of metallic shine, without the use of any metal at all. A process that is often compared to modern day alchemy! The colour of the ceramic can be transformed without any effect to the vital properties of the material, being lightness, hardness, and comfort too.

Rado Watches - Masters of Materials


Lightweight, revolutionary and extremely hard

Ceramos refers to the marriage of high-tech ceramic with metal. It is a one of a kind material that offers the properties of both components. Providing you with the lightness and durability of ceramic, combined with the irresistible luster of metal. Ceramos can be formed into a number of different colours, including gold, rose gold and platinum. Similarly to high-tech ceramic, Ceramos is a lightweight material, a material that will adjust quickly to skin temperature, creating unrivaled comfort to the wrist.

Rado Watches - Masters of Materials

High-Tech Diamond

As hard as natural diamond

You’ll see below that diamond is used in the production of some models too, however it is often high-tech diamond that Rado turn to. A material just as hard as a natural diamond, this high tech material is the result of huge amounts of research, and the use of cutting-edge nanotechnology. This dream of Rado became a reality when they unveiled the V10K watch, that had a uniquely resistant high-tech diamond surface. The V10K achieves a hardness of 10,000 Vickers.

Rado Watches - Masters of Materials

Sapphire Crystal

Durable transparency

A highly desired material among luxury watches, and a must for longevity of the glass of your watch. Sapphire crystal glass is used in all Rado watches, whether it is flat, faceted or convex. This luxury, scratch-resistant glass adds to the dynamic profile of the piece and creates a seamless transition to the bracelet and case.

Rado Watches - Masters of Materials


Pure, sleek and robust

In 1962, the Rado DiaStar 1 was first introduced, a scratch resistant watch that was far from normal at the time. The innovation behind this model was a material called Hardmetal. This is still used today, and is an extremely robust material that is even more durable than steel, gold and platinum. A material that is capable of withstanding the stressed of everyday life.

 Masters of Materials


Fascinating and beautiful

A natural, incomparable and timeless material. The perfect compliment to the long lasting luxury of a Rado timepiece. Diamond’s features on Rado watches are only ever fine white Top Wesselton diamonds. Rado will only buy stones that meet the Kimberley process, which prevents the use of blood diamonds.

Masters of Materials

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