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The G-Shock Full Metal Tough Solar Timepiece.

G-Shock Full Metal

Models from the G-Shock Full Metal collection act as a stylish nod to the original G-Shock watch. The first G-Shock being the DW-5000C, which was released in 1983 by Casio. These Full Metal models celebrate the heritage of the brand, and stay true to the brands values!

Today, in particular, we are looking at the GMW-B5000GD-1ER Full Metal Tough Solar piece, which is a bold re-imagination of the iconic Code rectangle-shaped watch. This model comes fitted with an easy to read digital screen display, and has proven to be one of the most popular among fans since it’s launch.

G-Shock Full Metal

This digital display’s LCD is set in a light-on-dark motif which adds to the overall look of the timepiece, and makes visibility improved in certain conditions. The rest of the watch is completed with a full-metal stainless steel case and bezel, which have been finished with an ion plating in black, to give a smart, stealthy look. The bracelet and case also then feature hairline finishes, in order to maximize the elegance and presence of the metal!

Not only is this a fantastic looking piece, but it functions just as impressively as it looks too! Firstly, it is fitted with G-Shocks innovative core guard case structure, as seen on the Carbon Core Guard models. This structure means that the watch is tougher than ever, and can withstand harsher treatment than ever before too! Other notable advancements in the technology offered by this model include Multi Band 6 radio control which ensures the most accurate timekeeping, whilst Bluetooth Connectivity allows you to easily switch your watch time settings from time zone to zone while you travel the globe. A Solar powered movement means that despite the added technological features your watch has efficient watch operation, as well as up to two years power reserve.

The time for you to upgrade to the new icon is now

G-Shock Full MetalG-Shock Full Metal

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