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Top 10 Olivia Burton Watches 2019

Top 10 Olivia Burton Watches 2019

Olivia Burton are an accessory brand that have been creating watches and jewellery since 2012. Since then, they have become one of the most popular brands within the market, showing off accessories with both a feminine vintage flare. Some of the most notable collections they have produced is the ‘Under the Sea’ collection as well as the Bee Trend too.

Olivia Burton find a lot of their inspiration from nature, recent collections including floral designs as well as the ‘Celestial Star’ collection which is right on trend this 2019. If you are a fan of the latest celestial trend then you can take a look at one our recent posts on celestial style jewellery.

If Olivia Burton has caught your eye and you are wanting to add one of their iconic pieces to your jewellery box then here are our recommendations on the top 10 Olivia Burton watches 2019.

Top 10 Olivia Burton Watches 2019

Olivia Burton | Women’s | Celestial Star | Silver Leather Strap

Top 10 Olivia Burton Watches 2019

To start our recommendations we have chosen a model from their ‘Celestial Star’ collection. This watch combines a blush leather strap with a mother of pearl dial, replicating the lunar craters in the sky. For an added shine, Olivia Burton have also included a Swarovdki Crystal on the strap of the watch for a final touch to a cosmic inspired watch.

Olivia Burton | Women’s | Bejewelled Florals | Chalk Blue Leather Strap

Top 10 Olivia Burton Watches 2019

This watch was designed with vintage lovers in mind. Florals are perfect for the spring and summer seasons which means that it is the perfect time to purchase this watch. If you are regular follower of fashion then you may already know that one of the biggest trends of 2019 is pastels, specially powder blue. Therefore, it is safe to say this watch is perfect for lovers of Olivia Burton and up to date fashion.

Olivia Burton | Women’s | The Wishing Watch | Vegan Nude Strap

Vegan friendly watches

The good thing about Olivia Burton is that there is something for everyone. With the rise of veganism, more and more watch and jewellery brands have been creating vegan friendly timepieces. This is a sweet and simple watch that comes with a cream and gold colour scheme that would look gorgeous styled with both casual and formal wear.

Olivia Burton | Women’s | Marble Florals | Stainless Steel Bracelet

marble florals

If you like the floral style but would like a more subtle floral pattern then this model may take your fancy. This is a formal looking watch that would be perfect for a work environment. The stainless steel silver strap would look good styled with silver pieces of jewellery for a style that really stands out.

Olivia Burton | Women’s | Bejewelled Lace | Gold Tone Bracelet

Top 10 Olivia Burton Watches 2019

This is an eye catching golden timepiece that will a warm glow to your overall look, whether it is formal or casual. The highlight of this watch is the lace feature on the dial. We would recommend wearing this watch as a statement piece or alternatively it can be combined with other pieces of gold jewellery from your jewellery box.

Olivia Burton | Women’s | British Blooms | 3D Bee | Vegan Rose Strap

Top 10 Olivia Burton Watches 2019

If you are searching for a watch that is inspired by nature then this model is the best of both worlds, showing off a floral dial centered with a bee. Not only is this watch inspired by nature but was crafted with nature in mind being part of the vegan friendly watches range. It also comes with a pastel strap which allures a subtle and sophisticated style.

Olivia Burton | Women’s | Under The Sea | Eco-Friendly | Sea Blue

Under the sea

This is a model from Olivia Burton’s newest ‘Under the Sea Collection’ which is right on time for the holiday season this 2019. This is a watch designed with eco-warriors in mind as it is eco-friendly and designed with inspiration from the bottom of the sea. The grey strap is tasteful and smart and compliments the shell details on the dial well.

Olivia Burton | Women’s | Queen Bee | Two Tone T Bar Bracelet

A two-tone accessory is a powerful fashion piece for any woman’s jewellery box. This particular model features rose gold and silver which allures a sophisticated and formal style. We would recommend styling this watch with either silver or rose jewellery for a coordinated and statement look.

Olivia Burton | Women’s | Abstract Florals | Steel Mesh Bracelet

abstract florals

This is a modern styled floral watch from Olivia Burton’s ‘Abstract Florals’ range. It comes with a steel mesh strap which allures a contemporary style that is popular within the market currently. The overall style is subtle and combined silver stainless steel with rose gold markers on the dial.

Olivia Burton | Women’s | Semi Precious | Blossom Leather Strap

The final watch among our recommendations on the top 10 Olivia Burton watches 2019 is this gorgeous model from the ‘Semi Precious’ watch range. If you are the kind of girl that loves to have a little pink in their wardrobe then this may be the watch for you. The pastel pink leather strap has been combined with a rose gold case for an overall flirty and feminine floral look.

What are your thoughts on the top 10 Olivia Burton watches 2019? Let us know in the comments below!

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