Fathers Day Gift Guide 2019!

Fathers Day Gift Guide

Fathers Day is just a few days away now, so now is your last chance to order in time for the day! It is a known fact that finding the right Fathers Day gift is an impossible task, but we have put together a short list with a few recommendations on some great products that could do the job this Sunday! We have chosen a few items at different price points, as we know everyone has different budgets, so take a look below if you are running short of ideas!

Fathers Day Gift

Leather bracelets and necklaces are huge for men right now, especially heading towards the summer. So, if your dad loves the rugged, stylish look, then this Police leather bracelet could just be perfect. Currently at £23, down from £59, the 25715BLC/02-L is a great deal too. At this price you will still be receiving a quality piece, made form a combination of leather and stainless steel, that has been weathered for an even more interesting look. Perfect to pair with board shorts down at the beach, or for a summer motorbike ride!

Fathers Day Gift

Like we said, leather bracelets are in right now, but this Tom Hope option gives us the same style, with fabric rather than leather. Ideal for all the vegan dads out there! Inspired by the rope used on sailing boas, and paired with the iconic anchor. This is a classy option, that would fit with a nice holiday outfit, or perfect if your dad works by, or on, the sea! At £58 this is a slight step up from the Police bracelet, but the TM0132 is definitely worth it’s price, offering a long lasting, quality product! This triple black is one of our favorites, but you can find many, many more options on our site, here!

Fathers Day Gift

Next up we will be looking at a few different watches. Firstly, we have the model perfect for a dad who loves to adventure. Built to last, this is a rugged utility style watch. This piece, from Casio, has been built for those who live an active lifestyle, and may be prone to bumping and dropping their watch. The rubber protected case means that this piece will last. The MWC-100H-1AVEF comes in at £29.90, which is almost impossible to beat on any model of this quality. With 100m water resistance and an illuminator light, this piece is not just for show either!

Timex Digital

If digital is how your dad prefers his watches, then this Timex could be the one! At £49, the T78587 gives you a lot of watch for the price. Similarly to the previous Casio, this Timex features a light up dial, for low light timekeeping, in the form of Indiglo on this model. Also, as a digital watch you will also receive different functions, like a timer on this model, making it useful for many different tasks! Aside from the functionality, this is a really good looking watch to! It only has a small case size of 38mm, but is perfect as an everyday casual piece that can be worn with any style of outfit!

Fathers Day Gift

From Rotary comes the Sherlock GS02424/21. The dress watch of the list, so to say. This offers much more classical stylish, such as the leather alligator style strap, and the roman numerals on the dial. The overall look of this timepiece makes it perfect as a watch to go with a suit, or smart outfit! Seen in the BBC series, Sherlock, on the wrist of Benedict Cumberbatch, this would be ideal for any fan of the show! At £95 it may be a little pricey for a Fathers day gift, but it would definitely make his day! The quality can be assured too, with sapphire crystal glass for added protection.


This last one may be a little extreme for a fathers day gift, but we thought we’d leave it in, just in case! The Raymond Weil AC/DC Limited Edition Freelancer. The 2780-STC-ACDC1 comes in at £1795, which is a great price for this model, but maybe just an idea to pass on to your dad instead! From the Raymond Weil Music Icons Series, the AC/DC Limited Edition has taken inspiration from the Rock and Roll legends, and celebrates everything the band produced and achieved! Find out more about this fantastic, unique piece here.

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