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The TW Steel Simeon Panda Limited Edition

TW Steel Simeon Panda

The TW Steel Simeon Panda range of limited edition watches has been running for a short time now. With the pieces proving to be extremely popular among the community. The latest of which is the TS10 big caliber chronograph. Designed alongside the fitness legend, the watch of course features a reverse Panda dial, perfectly matching the piece to it’s inspiration. A larger 48mm steel case and black silicone strap make it perfect for those who love fitness and bodybuilding, or just wearing a larger watch on their wrist.

The piece also features Panda’s ‘Just Lift’ logo on the band loop, and the center of the dial, just below the TW Steel logo itself. This is a fantastic, clean style, that offers a bold and strong look, perfect for any event!

TW Steel Simeon Panda

Who is Simeon Panda?

Simeon Panda has been one of the most influential fitness professionals in the world for years now. He was even features on Forbes as one of the worlds top ten influencers for fitness, up there with Arnie! He is the owner of Just Lift and SP Aesthetics Sportswear, two brands that have been hugely successful so far. As both an athlete, and entrepreneur, he has gained immense popularity during his time in the spotlight. Not just because of his amazing physique, but his character and high standards in representing the industry.

With almost a million subscribers on YouTube, and an overall social media following in excess of 12 million worldwide, his influence is huge, and growing. He has become known for producing training guides and programmed, as well as motivation content, to help people looking to follow in his footsteps. Simeon is often hailed for bringing such a high level of consistent positivity to the industry, and social media, which is why he has built himself such a successful online career.

Simeon Panda has competed in Musclemania competitions worldwide, and won the European Championship back in 2013, earning himself Musclemania Pro status in doing so. He is often tasked with judging physique, modelling and bodybuilding shows all over the world. Not only does he compete and judge, he also helps to educate and support others in the industry. He has held a range of different seminars, and workshops around the world. As a result of his hard work and success, he has been featured on the front covers, and written for major fitness publications worldwide such as Muscle & Fitness, MuscleMag, Muscle-Insider, Train Mag, Muscle & Performance and Fitness RX just to name a few.

TW Steel Simeon Panda Watches

It is clear to see why TW Steel were so happy to have Simeon Panda on board, as part of the brand. Such a positive, and powerful figure, he represents everything that the watch making brand stands for. This is not the only piece in the range either, with a whole host of limited edition pieces available.

Powerful designs
Each model is designed alongside fitness legend Simeon Panda. These timepieces combine style with unstoppable attitude, just like Panda himself.

Crunch Time
In line with Panda’s philosophy, each timepiece has been built to encourage you to make the most of your time.

Limited availability
Each model is limited to 1000 pieces, and each exclusive watch will come with it’s own unique number.

Sapphire coated crystal
Each timepiece features durable sapphire crystal glass, helping to protect against scratches.

2 Year worldwide warranty
Built to last, every Simeon Panda timepiece comes with a 2-year worldwide warranty. As do all of TW Steel’s fantastic watches.

10 ATM water resistant
These timepieces are able to withstand the pressure of 100m or 10-times the normal air pressure at sea level.

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