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The New Alpina Alpiner Quartz Edition

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The Alpina Alpiner quartz is the latest to join the Alpina family. Inspired by the automatic model from the 50’s, the modern day Alpiner embodies the concept of Swissness! Featuring clean lines, essential dial design, and a dedicated level of quality and reliability. This is a Swiss Manufacture piece through and through. Now, the Alpiner is being released with a highly accurate Swiss made quartz movement, to add even more options to the range. Choosing between quartz and automatic is mostly down to personal preference, so carry on reading to see if the quartz is the one for you! The History of Alpina has been long and successful, and the brand hope to continue this, with the latest model.

The first sports watch from Alpina was released in 1933, and was called the “Bock Uhr”, which was an extremely successful model. Following it’s success, thanks to it’s rigid and reliable steel case, and brand new style of crown, Alpina decided to develop this style of watch further. They created the concept of 4, which produced the first Swiss sports watch in 1938. This 4 represented the models key characteristics that Alpina belived made the ideal sports watch. these being; anti-magnetic, anti-shock, water-resistant and stainless.

These 4 features have become the base for the Alpiner collection, with each model having to meet each requirement. these features have become vital to all Alpina ambassadors, and wearers, around the world, and helps to ensure high performance and reliability, whilst tackling the entire alpine sports’ universe, from the Alps to the ocean!

Alpina Alpiner

The latest in the range, the Alpina Alpiner quartz has been introduced to fill the need for an entry-level classical sports piece. Whereas an automatic movement will often increase the price of a watch, the quartz helps to make this model much more accessible. Still a perfect expression of the brands sophistication, and elegance, the AL-240 movement keeps these watches on time. With hours, minutes, seconds, and a 6 o’clock date window, this offers all the timekeeping function you need, and all protected by a scratch-resistant convex sapphire crystal glass! The movement is held within a 42mm diameter case which supports a water resistance of up to 100m/330ft.

Three versions of the Alpiner quartz arrive on a stainless steel bracelet, and one comes on a brown leather strap. You are able to choose from 3 different dial colours, with the iconic glacier blue, dark grey, and silver too! All bare hand applied silver luminova indexes.

We currently only have the AL-240GS4E6B in stock, which comes with the dark grey dial and stainless steel bracelet! But feel free to get in touch at if yo are interested in a different model!

This new quartz model give Alpina enthusiasts a fantastic, timeless sports piece while ensuring the same high level of performance under the most extreme conditions. Keeping the same elegant and sporty design from the auto version, this new model becomes a real value for money piece at a very accessible price point.

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