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Footballers watches man city champions

After 38 thrilling games for each team, and over 1,000 goals scored, the Barclays Premier League has finally come to an end for another season. It came down to the final day to decide a winner, but it was Man City who were able to retain their title, just 1 point ahead of challengers Liverpool. A thrilling back and forth battle all season long, leaving fans on their edge of their seats at every game. Man City proved their class, and are now on for a domestic treble if they can conquer Watford at Wembley in the FA Cup final, whilst Liverpool will look to regroup and challenge Spurs in Madrid for their second attempt at the Champions League in the same number of seasons. A disappointing season for some, with the likes of Fulham, Cardiff and Huddersfield being relegated, Man UTD and Arsenal missing out on the top 4. However, with City at the top once again, it is time for celebration for the blue half of Manchester! As we know, footballers watches can be very flashy sometimes, and the same can definitely be said for the champions of England too!

Man City Title Winning Footballers Watches!

We will be taking a look at what a handful of the 18/19 champions have been wearing recently! We have previously looked at what the cast of Avengers: Endgame wear, and during the last season of the Premier League we took a look at what the top 5’s managers had been wearing, which you can read about here. Some City players like Raheem Sterling have been in the press hugely over the last year, which has given us multiple chances to take a look at what he has been wearing on his wrist, so keep reading to find out for yourself! With the help of @celebwatchspotter on Instagram, and our own research, we have been able to gather a few of the team with their watches!

David Silva – Patek Philippe

Firstly, we are taking a look at club legend, and play-making maestro, David Silva, as he and teammate Bernardo Silva pose with the Premier League trophy just minutes after winning it! We don’t get a look at what Bernardo is wearing, however we can see that the Spain International, David Silva is wearing a Patek Philippe. An 18k Rose Gold Aquanaut Travel Time to be specific. The watch has a UK list price of £39,070, which i’m sure is much lower than the bonus that Silva will be receiving for winning the league once again!

Footballers Watches

Raheem Sterling – Rolex

Next up is England star, Raheem Sterling. Sterling has had one of his most impressive seasons, and years in football, after performing well at the world cup, and picking up 17 goals & 10 assists in the Premier League. Rolex seems to be the go to brand for the 24 year old, as he is often spotted in a few different models. The one we have seen him in here, is a stainless steel GMT Master II ‘Batman’ which is now actually discontinued. The list price for this model is £6,850, but second hand models will most likely now reach at least double that.

Footballers Watches

Ederson – Rolex

Similarly to his teammate, shot stopper, Ederson, has also gone Rolex. The keeper has seemed to solve City’s goalkeeping weakness in the last couple of seasons, and this year racked up the second most clean sheets in the league, at 20. By the looks of it, the goalkeeper has gone for a bit more of a flashy design than Sterling, with an 18k gold Daytona, with a rainbow diamond bezel! This particular Daytona is listed at around £150,000, so about one weeks wages for Ederson i’d imagine!

Footballers Watches

Benjamin Mendy – Rolex

It seems to be a running theme when looking at Footballers watches, but next on the list we have yet another Rolex! Due to injury problems, Benjamin Mendy has been more active online and on social media than he has on the pitch this season. He did manage to return towards the end and get a couple of game under his belt, however he still loves to have fun and cause controversy all over Twitter and Instagram! Here he is spotted in in a Platinum Day-Day 40, with an Arabic dial, that has a list price of £54,995. This is a fantastic looking Day Date, and the light blue dial really shows his love for title winning City!

Footballers Watches

Fabian Delph – Patek Phillipe

Fabian Delph has been a versatile player for city, filling in where needed, including to cover for the aforementioned injured Mendy. The England international has a similar taste to teammate David Silva by the looks of it, as he too has gone Patek Philippe. Similar models in a way, but Delph has opted for a stainless steel Nautilus Travel Time, which lists at around £40,000. A classy and stylish piece that has been spotted on the former Aston Villa man’s wrist a number of times now!

Footballers Watches

Pep Guardiola – Richard Mille

It is almost impossible to deny Pep Guardiola’s greatness, winning titles everywhere he goes, and almost every season too. He is yet to take City to victory in Europe, but he sure has done everything else. When it comes to his watches, he has a lot! Of course players can’t wear them on the pitch, but in the dugout, we can also see a new shiny timepiece on Guardiola’s wrist! The one we have picked out is the special edition Richard Mille RM 004 All Gray, which goes for over £150,000 and is a well deserved treat for himself too!

Pep Guardiola

When it comes to Footballers Watches, the premier league is always a great place to begin. It is clear that these City boy’s have some money, and style too surprisingly, and congratulations to the whole club for winning the Premier league for a second season in a row!

Very soon we will be looking at the watches of both Champions League finalists, Spurs and Liverpool, so make sure to keep an eye on the blog for that!

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