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Top Five 2019 Spring Colour Trends

Spring Colour Trend

With it finally being Spring (even if it doesn’t feel like it) The fashion world has entered a new season of which new trends, clothing and accessories have come into our lives. Meaning that it is time to put away those winter layers and invest in some, and take a deep breath, brighter colours than those winter darks. With all of the best designers showing all of their best clothes and new styles, here at First Class Watches we have put together the Top Five 2019 Spring Colour Trends. These beautiful new shades are a joy to have in your wardrobe, and they compliment any skin tone. Nobody is getting washed out this Spring.

        Top Five 2019 Spring Colour Trends- Orange.

The colour Orange is very in this season. Making several appearances throughout designers runway shows, with orange drop earrings being used regularly this Spring. Orange is a must-have colour, which is inspired by the coral under the sea. So, why not invest in some stunning orange accessories?

This stunning Super Dry Orange watch has many desirable qualities that create a must-have accessory appeal. Such as the loud orange colour which, we can speculate, could have been inspired by moving Coral. This watch is the height of the season this Spring.

This beautiful My iMenso Leather Stingray charm is a deep colour of Orange that appeals to the eye and draws the attention to the item of clothing the charm is covering.
The gorgeous Moschino Brushstroke crepe jacket has a stunning innovative finish to it. This bold, orange, jacket, is a stunning seasonal item of clothing.

Orange is a beautiful colour, that is finally making an appearance more vastly in the fashion world. Orange compliments all skin tones, and when styled correctly looks stunning on all body shapes and sizes. So why not get your orange on today?

Top Five 2019 Spring Colour Trends- Beige and Browns

Beige and Browns are a colour trend that has been in the background for the last few years. However, this Spring season they have made a huge appearance throughout several designers new products, and have made their way onto the top five 2019 spring colour trends.

This stunning brown watch The Modernist by the incredible DKNY is a gorgeous shade of brown.

Coming with a leather strap that has a vintage textured finish to it. The strap is the colour statement of the design. And it is accompanied by a beautiful white stripe dial face and a light silver bezel.

Aswell as dark shades of brown, light caramel and beige are also very popular this Spring season. Like this watch…

The stunning White and Carmael Leather Strap Watch, is a shade that is making a massive come back this season, being in the family of the beige and browns, this caramel watch is a gorgeous addition to your wardrobe this season. With a thick leather strap and a white dial face, this watch is perfect for this Spring.

Top 5 2019 Spring Colour Trends- Living Coral.

Living Coral is one of the first new colour concepts that has been introduced to fashion in a fair amount of time, fashion has been inspired by natural elements; organisms and landscapes for decades. Inspired by the coral in the deep oceans where gorgeous colours are the norm and the manipulation of the waves makes a simple shade of red seem multicoloured. That is where the shade ‘living coral’ is from. One of the Top Five 2019 Spring Colour trends is living coral, focusing on shades like red, orange, pinks, and bright loud colours.

A perfect example of a living coral shade is these REGINA Cross mules by Topshop.

Create a modern aesthetic with these cross front heeled mules with clear detailing. Designed in the softest of pinks, we just love the lovely look of these! Heel height approximately 4″. –Topshop 

The shade of pink is soft and angelic, and a lighter shade in the Living Coral new colour trend for this spring.

In a darker shade of the Living Coral this beautiful Fuchsia Set of Crystal Charms, by Chamilia.

The stunning crystal Fuchsia shade, when it catches the light the colour changes and magnifies its beautiful textured shades.

Top Five 2019 Spring Colour Trends- Greens and Blue’s.

Green and blue is quite a common shade that we have seen throughout the last few seasons, making an appearance most recently in the Autumn/Winter Collection of 2018/2019. However, this season has more of a softer touch too it, with teal; pastels and turquoises showing up frequently on handbags, shoes and large blazer coats. Check out how the worlds most looked at the designers, models and influencers rocked these shades at London Fashion Week.

Dark green is a popular choice of colour as well this season, giving outfits more of a mature finish.
This season why not invest in a gorgeous Chamilia Charm this Spring, coming in a stunning shade of teal this plated bracelet can be whatever you like, this is because you can add charms.

Or why not opt in for this MY iMenso Jewellery Insigne/Ring Quartz Dark Green Natural Stone 14mm. This beautiful natural stone is layers and full of texture and intercut design. Giving a new depth to the stone and mesmerising structure this dark green natural stone will look stunning on any item of jewellery, a ring, a watch or pendant.

Henry London Heritage Womens Petite Square Watch Green is another must-have Top Five 2019 Spring Style 2019. The luxurious dark green leather strap is textured with the stitching showing on the strap. This green strap then moulds into a delicious golden cased dial with the same shade of green inside the dial. The overall use of this green makes this watch an undeniable statement piece that will look gorgeous with every 2019 Spring outfit.

Top Five 2019 Spring Colour Trends- Yellow Gold

Yellow gold has been in the background for the last few seasons as Rose gold has been taking the front of the stage, but now the yellow gold is back in the spotlight, making appearances throughout the new season’s line ups, and the new brands being released by much-admired designers.

This Movado Design is beautiful, showing off that stunning yellow gold style. The reason that most of these designers are using yellow gold is the way that this magnificent reflects the light. At the 12 o’clock mark there is a beautiful studded crystal. The stunning smooth and sheer yellow gold is apparent throughout this design. The large chains sit beautifully on the wrist and the large face dial is a gorgeous statement piece.

The Top Five 2019 Spring Colour Trends are a must have this season, all new and innovative with an attitude of their own, so what are you waiting for? These new colour trends will have you looking perfect all season round.

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