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A New Seiko Chronograph Watch

Seiko blue

There a huge range of fantastic Seiko Chronograph watches on the market, ranging in style and price, from different divers models like the PADI Prospex, to models from the Astron range like this Solar GPS SSH007J1! However, the model that we are looking at today, is the brand new SSC717P1, which arrives in a brand new and unique colour scheme, that will certainly grab the attention of everyone in the room!

The SSC717 Seiko Chronograph

This particular model is a solar powered watch, and features Seiko‘s V176 calibre, meaning that it will be powered by light, and can be charged by any natural or artificial light. Seiko have given the watch this movement to keep it powered for 6 months on a full charge, offering a more Eco friendly power solution, as this watch will not need a replacement battery every year or two!

Seiko Chronograph

As you can probably see, the main draw for this model will be its striking colours, and the way that it grabs attention, and stands out! Seiko have used bright and unique colours before, however, this combination, and exact tones seems to be a brand new one from the brand!

The dark turquoise blue that has been used on the dial is a definite change to the usual deep blues and ocean blue that we are used to seeing on the likes of the Save The Ccean Special Edition. This colour really makes this timepiece really exciting, and stands out in the perfect way. This dial colour is then perfectly supported with bright red highlight too. Seiko have decided to do this in a pretty subtle way too, not going too overboard, but to keep it tasteful and smart instead. This red accenting comes in the form of small outlines and piping, around the edge of the bezel, the hands, and the date display etc. and combined with the blue, we think that they have been able to create a really fantastic looking watch that looks like none before it!

This model is available in-store and online right now, and has an RRP of £310. With a stainless steel bracelet, and 43.2mm case diameter, this will be a comfortable fitting watch, that can definitely be used for a whole range of sports and activities, including those that are water based too, thanks to it’s 100m water resistance! Make sure to head over to the site now to check out this fantastic, unique Seiko chronograph watch!

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